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Apple doesn’t like a movie called Apple-Man | Digital Trends Spanish

The Apple company has filed a lawsuit against a movie called apple-man, concerned that viewers may associate this production with the technology firm.

Behind this film project is Vasyl Moskalenko, an indie film director who in 2020 started a funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform for his new film.

It is a film that mixes action and comedy and follows the adventures of a half-human, half-apple superhero who is capable of levitating this fruit. The film is currently in the post-production stage.

However, Apple is reluctant for this film to be released, at least under that name.

In a video posted on YouTube, Moskalenko explained that the company opposed the brand. apple-man and initiated a judicial process, sending him a 467-page document “full of lawyers’ terminology,” according to the filmmaker.

“My film has nothing to do with the Apple corporation. I have never mentioned anything about MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and such. Not a single word”, recognizes the director.

The image shows a scene from the movie Apple-Man.

In the same record, Moskalenko states that he has “nothing but respect” for the company and that his film is about apples as fruit.

“I just want to make a comedy movie about a superhero with a superpower that is related to everyone’s favorite fruit,” he adds.

The filmmaker hopes to reach an agreement with Apple and says he is open to any negotiations. He also acknowledged that his main fear is having to spend the money raised on Kickstarter in legal trouble.

He is also concerned that Apple may demand that the film be removed after its release. “It actually looks like brand harassment,” he said.

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