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Apple employee could be fired because of TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

An employee of Manzana reported the company Tim Cook of threatening to fire her just for going upstairs TikTok a video advice on what to do in case you steal the iPhone.


hey apple, don’t fire me #techtok #greenscreen

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The employee, Paris Campbell, has almost half a million followers on TikTok, with more than 17.7 million likes. Until a video last week, Campbell had never publicly identified herself as an Apple employee; instead, she often shared her work as a stand-up comedian and reaction videos to funny and quirky content posted on the app.

A week ago, Campbell responded to someone else’s TikTok on the who explained that their iPhone was stolen and then they received messages from the thieves threatening to sell their private information on the black market. The victim had tracked his iPhone with Find My and discovered that he was in China.

In his video responding to the distraught victimCampbell began by saying, “I can’t tell you how exactly I know this information, but I can tell you that for the last six years I’ve been a certified hardware engineer for a certain company that likes to talk a lot about fruit.” Campbell goes on to strongly advise against deleting the iPhone from Apple ID and goes on to explain Activation Lock.

Just a few days after posting that video, Campbell posted another video explaining what had happened. She said that she received a call from her manager telling her that she had violated Apple policy by publicly identifying herself as an Apple employee. Apple’s policy, however, does not restrict employees from publicly identifying themselves as Apple employees, but only requires them to maintain Apple’s image and reputation in their online presence.

“If you ask me, bolstering the public’s trust in Apple’s security is not something that makes the company look bad, especially when it reaches 5 million people,” Campbell said in his video. “If we want to be technical, I have never identified myself as an Apple employee until this video,” he continued.

«Maybe instead of berating me you should look at the comments and see how many people are thanking me«. “I work for Apple and I would very much like to continue working for Apple. For the past nearly six years, I have been a stellar employee, and that is evident by exceeding expectations in almost every single one of my reviews.”

«There was a time when Apple used to respect when people did things that are really wacky and out of the box.. This is definitely outlandish and out of the box,” Campbell concludes.

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