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Apple Extends Its AirPods Pro Repair Program | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most common problems with AirPods Pro is static, crackling sounds, or issues with active noise cancellation. Aware of this, Apple launched in October 2020 a specific technical service program for sound problems in AirPods Pro.

This program, mainly focused on units that were manufactured before October 2020, was valid for two years from the date of purchase of the device. However now, as and point from The Verge, the Cupertino have (silently) extended this warranty for one more year. That is, now with the extension of the repair program to three years, the AirPods Pro purchased at launch will be covered until October 2022.

The problems that this repair program covers and that can therefore be solved are the following:

  • Crackling or static sounds that increase in noisy environments, with exercise, or when talking on the phone.
  • Active Noise Cancellation is not working properly and there is a loss of bass sound or an increase in background sounds, such as noise from the street or the aircraft cabin.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should contact Apple’s support team (or make an appointment at your nearest store) or a service provider authorized by the company. In the event that the issue is confirmed, the earbuds will be replaced (one or both), but your charging box will remain the same.

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