Wednesday, December 8

Apple files two patents for drone technology | Digital Trends Spanish

In addition to phones, tablets and computers of various kinds, Apple could be behind the development of a drone, according to two company patents that appeared online.

The report of Patently apple reveals that these patents were originally registered in Singapore, almost as a way to keep them hidden from the public eye. And now, both appeared in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and have to do with two different methods: one to connect a drone to a controller and another to connect to a drone connected via cell phone networks.

The documents officers They are full of technical terms and very specific data on how the proposed methods would work, but in broad strokes they reveal a certain interest of the company to explore the segment of drones, which is currently in vogue and in which there are important brands that innovate with high quality products.

On the other hand, drones have as one of their main functions something in which Apple has already had good results: video and photography. The cameras of the iPhone are among the best on the market thanks to the technology they include. In that sense, Apple could have gone much of the way, that the rest of the drone manufacturers had to start from scratch.

Either way, the fact that these patents exist does not ensure that an Apple drone will exist in the future; the company may just want to ensure ownership of the technology, in case someone wants to do the same in the future.

But the world of drones or remotely operated vehicles is a segment that Apple could enter without major problems, just as they do with their cars.

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