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Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon would have bought illegal gold | Digital Trends Spanish

A strong accusation against Manzana, Google, microsoft Y amazon did a Brazilian journalistic investigation, which indicates that the four big technology companies would have bought illegal gold extracted from the Amazon jungle for the manufacture of their products.

The Brazilian local newspaper Reporter Brazil revealed on Monday that these four big technology companies used illegal gold from Brazilian indigenous lands located in the Amazon rainforest. This gold was primarily intended for Apple and Microsoft smartphones and computers, as well as Google and Amazon servers.

Documents seen by the authors of the report confirm that the companies bought gold from the Chimet and Marsam refineries between 2020 and 2021. Both refineries have been investigated by the Brazilian Federal Police for illegal extraction of natural resources, in addition to various charges related to environmental damage. .

At the same time, the illegal extraction of natural resources also finances organized crime. In Brazil, the number of armed attacks against indigenous peoples has grown considerably in recent years as these mining companies expand their operations.

All companies listed on the United States stock exchange are required to disclose to their natural resource suppliers. However, although Chimet and Marsam are under investigation in Brazil, these refineries are currently certified in the United States and Europe. Although the technology companies argue that they use clean materials, it seems that not all of them are really interested in learning where these materials come from.

Reporter Brazil asked Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon for comment. Only Apple responded to the request with a statement in which the company states that it no longer buys gold from Marsam, however, nothing was mentioned about Chimet.

In a document filed with the United States Securities and Exchange CommissionApple says it works to protect the environment and also the lives of people affected by its supply chain.

“Apple works to protect the environment and safeguard the well-being of the millions of people affected by our supply chain, from the mining level to the facilities where products are assembled. We are deeply committed to continually evaluating our progress and building on the lessons we learn in everything we do.”

The London Bullion Market Association said it is aware of ongoing investigations in Brazil and is reviewing the certification of these mining companies.

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