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Apple launches an AirTags search engine for Android | Digital Trends Spanish

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Apple AirTags will now have Android compatibility. This is because Apple has launched a new application called Tracker Detect, which will allow users with Android cell phones to identify an AirTag that is there (and return it to its owner, if necessary).

“Tracker Detect looks for objects that are lost from their owners and that are compatible with Apple’s Find My network,” reads the description of the Google Play Store. Tracker Detect will identify a nearby AirTag and if it stays within the same range after 10 minutes, it will be possible to make it ring to find it and even deactivate it.

“If you think someone is using an AirTag or other device to record your location, you can do a scan to try to find it,” indicates the Google store. This phrase is perhaps the key to this application, which Apple launches for security purposes since there have already been reports of people with questionable intentions who have used AirTags to, for example, associate it with a URL with which data can be stolen from users.

And if that weren’t enough, some thieves have used car stealing devices by attaching an AirTag to the vehicle when it is parked to find the owner’s home.

In July 2021, a youtuber sent several AirTags to various parts of the world; including North Korea and Apple’s Cupertino facility. Needless to say, the first was never heard from again, while the second returned to its owner with a note from a Tim Cook assistant.

Now, the original idea of ​​AirTags was to be able to track lost objects, something that seems increasingly difficult (and secondary) with each change that Apple implements.

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