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Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay: which digital wallet to choose | Digital Trends Spanish

Nothing more practical than being able to pay in different online and physical establishments with a digital wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. But if you had to choose one among all, which would you select?

The characteristics of these platforms that allow you to add your different credit, debit and rewards cards are described below, with the idea of ​​paying in contactless establishments, that is, without the need to make contact with the payment terminals.

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It is the contactless payment technology that those from Cupertino presented for the first time in September 2014 together with the new iPhone 6. “Apple Pay replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, safer and more private payment method , whether you’re in an online store or sending money to friends and family, “says the firm.

He adds that the service is easy to configure: it is only necessary to add the credit or debit card to the Wallet app. Subsequently, it can be used on devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad tablet, either to pay for a coffee in a local or services such as Apple Music, Apple News Plus and Apple TV Plus.


The company reports that a specific device number and unique transaction code are used when people make a purchase using Apple Pay. “So your card number is never stored on your device or on our servers, and Apple never shares it with merchants,” he says.

Likewise, when the brand’s platform is used as a payment method, it does not store data on the operations that can identify the user.

Of course, it is necessary to confirm the movements with Face ID, Touch ID or the code in purchases with iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad.


The Californian firm indicates that Apple Pay is accepted in more than 85 percent of retail stores in the United States. The user can be almost certain that if the premises allow contactless payments, from vending machines to public transport stations, it is almost a fact that they will be able to pay with their cell phone.

More specifically, Apple has enabled One page in which you can see the different territories in which your payment method is active. In America, nations such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil stand out.


“Google Pay is the easy and fast way to pay and manage your money,” explains the Californian company about its service, which had an initial launch in September 2011. It adds that it is possible to manage each one’s account both on the website and in the service app (iOS and Android).

Another of its interesting features, in addition to paying in apps and web pages quickly, is the possibility of sending money to a friend or starting a group in order to divide expenses, either for a meal or rent.

The Google Pay interface also allows you to see where the most recent transactions have been made and find previous purchases, loyalty cards, offers and online orders, among other alternatives.


“Say goodbye to having to swipe the card. When you use Google Pay to pay in stores, your actual card information is never shared with the merchant, so your data is always protected. In addition, it is faster to pay with the mobile -which is at hand- than having to search all the pockets to find the wallet”, emphasizes the firm.

Regarding privacy and security, three points stand out:

  • Transparency. Google Pay will never sell your personal information to third parties or share your transaction history with any other Google service to target ads.
  • Control. Google Pay has easy-to-use tools that put you in control so you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you.
  • Security. Google Pay keeps your money and private information safe with built-in authentication, transaction encryption, and fraud protection.

Lastly, Google Pay sends a virtual account number to the merchant instead of the real card number and forces the device to be unlocked with a personal PIN, pattern or fingerprint before pressing the screen to pay.


People will be able to use Google Pay almost anywhere that allows contactless payments, as well as in vending machines and on public transportation.

In any case, the firm warns that some of its functions are only available in certain countries and regions, as well as on certain devices. For example, the United States, India and Singapore are the countries allowed to send money to friends and family, while these nations and Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are the ones that allow paying for train journeys and bus using Google Pay.


As the great technology company that it is, the South Korean also has its digital wallet service: Samsung Pay, which was initially launched at home in August 2015 and is distinguished by granting rewards for its use.

“Now, your credit and debit cards are transferred to your mobile and smartwatch, since with Samsung Pay you can use them in any establishment that accepts contactless payments. Likewise, you will have the possibility to register your favorite loyalty programs and take them with you wherever you go”, asserts the firm.


Regarding security, the company specifies that each payment is authorized by fingerprint, PIN or facial recognition, the card is stored encrypted in the phone – “so its real number is never used” – and Samsung Knox technology It constantly “monitors” the phone to keep information safe.


Among the countries where it is possible to register cards in Samsung Pay are the United States, South Korea, China, Singapore, Brazil, Russia, India, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada, Taiwan and Spain.
Specifically, in the United States, the platform can be used for the MTA, TriMet and CTA systems in New York, Portland and Chicago, respectively.

Finally, Samsung Pay is available exclusively for users with a compatible Samsung device, such as Galaxy Fold 3 5G, Z Flip 3 5G, Note 20, Note 10, Galaxy S21 FE 5G, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A90, Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A72.

So which one to choose?


It makes perfect sense for those users who use both mobile devices and the services and applications of the apple brand, since it can become the most intuitive system they can have to make purchases in all kinds of establishments and places, including those that are typical of the Californian.

Like other home platforms, Apple Pay maintains easy handling, so people will be buying what they want in the shortest possible time. Regarding availability, the number of territories and countries where this solution can be found is surprising.


Android users can get hold of this digital wallet with the stamp of the popular firm. The different options with which the user knows or is aware of how much he is spending online and in all kinds of stores, as well as the alternatives for sending money, are surprising.

What is true is that it is still not possible to speak of a great availability of this platform, or not all the countries (where it is active) have all its alternatives within reach in order to observe it comprehensively.


It is the most viable option for users of one of the most interesting protagonists in the world of mobile telephony right now, designed for its terminals in the high and medium range.

Little by little Samsung Pay is gaining more ground with the intention of becoming the digital wallet of those who gave the brand a chance in the past and decided to stay because of its quality.

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