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Apple plans to control your car even more in the future | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple would already be working on making some changes to CarPlay, its control system for cars that, in practice, allows the iPhone to be connected to the electronic management system of modern vehicles. But in the future, CarPlay could expand its functionalities and be much more complete.

As reported Bloomberg, the project that is being worked on at Apple is known under the code name of IronHeart and that seeks to have access to other controls inside the vehicle. For example, controlling the position of the seats, or the complete management of the audio system. But also have access to reading the vehicle’s internal data – fuel control, speed, tachometer – and even the temperature, both inside and outside.

This project would be an important extension with respect to the current version of CarPlay, which is supported in more than 600 vehicle models and for which there are even specific applications that facilitate the life of the car driver.


But this project could still meet some reluctance on the part of car manufacturers, because it would imply that CarPlay has greater access and control over certain data and parameters of the vehicle. And that, in turn, means security challenges that cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, not all manufacturers that have adapted CarPlay so far have done so by adding all its features. In general, few vehicles have full compatibility with CarPlay functions and certain brands – such as Tesla itself – have chosen to create their own electronic control systems for vehicles, completely ruling out CarPlay or Android Auto, the equivalent. of Google.

Perhaps the future of CarPlay in the way that Apple envisions it will be defined by the company’s own car, which takes years of development but has so far remained only in that.

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