Friday, December 3

Apple sues NSO Group for its attacks with Pegasus: “we take any attack on our users very seriously”

Apple wants justice. The Cupertino company joins Meta and Launches a Lawsuit Against NSO Group, the company responsible for spyware Pegasus that has come to sneak into the devices of journalists and opponents, and possibly even the mobile of Jeff Bezos. The goal of the Tim Cook is that the NSO Group will never have access to Apple technology again.

The company asks everyone to update to iOS 15

The Press release that the company has released includes statements from Craig Federighi, its vice president of software engineering. In it, it clarifies that “government-sponsored” threats like Pegasus affect a very small part of its users, but that “Apple takes any attack very seriously” to its users.

For this reason, Apple has provided the authorities with information about the NSO Group’s FORCEDENTRY tool, discovered at the University of Toronto and capable of “sneaking” the spyware Pegasus on an Apple device to specific victims. The company has already warned users who have been victims of this attack.

The note also insists that iOS 15 has blocked the mechanisms that NSO Group used to improperly enter the iPhone, and that no evidence of successful attacks has been observed on that version of the system. Reason why from Apple they insist that updating to iOS 15 is important.

Ivan Krstić, Head of Architecture and Security Engineering at Apple, says that “it is unacceptable that in a free society software supported by states is used to attack those who seek to make the world a better place.” The company also will donate $ 10 million to organizations that pursue cyber surveillance and this type of attack.

Image | Alexander Andrews

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