Wednesday, October 27

Apple vetoes Fortnite from its devices in the middle of a battle with Epic Games

Applications developed by Epic Games, including the popular video game Fortnite, will not be available for download on Apple devices until further notice. The brand has decided to veto all the products of this developer until the legal litigation they maintain is resolved as a result of a complaint from Epic Games, as reported by the CEO of the latter.

Fortnite, the video game that can change the balance of powers on your phone

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The Fortnite developer considers that the conditions imposed by Apple in its App Store are abusive and make it a monopoly. It is based on the fact that the application store is the only legal way to install programs on iOS devices without breaking the operating system, which Apple took advantage of to impose the use of its payment gateway and take a 30% commission on all payments that are done via app. In addition, it prohibited developers from informing users of alternative payment methods (such as their own web pages, for example).

The trial judge who took the case partially upheld Epic Games’ claim and forced Apple to allow the inclusion of “buttons, external links and other calls to action that direct consumers to other purchasing mechanisms” outside the gateway. brand payment. Fearing this resolution, the brand had already reached a very similar agreement with the developers. However, it did not accept the argument of the monopoly of the App Store and allowed the company to continue imposing its application store as the only method of downloading programs on iPhones or iPads.

Epic Games decided to appeal this part of the ruling to higher instances. However, he requested re-entry into Apple’s developer program from which he left when he filed the lawsuit last May. The answer has been negative. “Apple will not consider any other request for reinstatement until the judgment of the district court is final and unappealable,” said the company’s lawyers in a statement published by the CEO and founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney.

The decision implies that Fortnite and the rest of Epic Games apps could be left out of the iPhone and iPad for up to five years, since the judicial journey of the lawsuit will be slow. The process is in fact one of those that could change the current structure of Apple’s business and the fenced gardens that many technology companies turn their platforms into. Especially in case the case reaches the higher courts of the US as a monopoly problem.

“We will continue to fight. The need for regulatory and legislative action is clearer than ever,” Sweeney has stated on Twitter: “Fortnite should not be on any blacklist for challenging an agreement containing terms that the court found illegal and that Apple requires all developers to accept as terms of access to iOS.” Apple has not made a comment.