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Apple wants you to subscribe to its monthly hardware catalog | Digital Trends Spanish

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A subscription service for the iPhone and other of its devices would be analyzed by Apple. Of course, the project is still in the development stage, they told Bloomberg sources who requested anonymity.

Very similar to automotive leasing programs, the report noted that the strategy would be a paradigm shift for the company, which “has generally sold its devices at full cost, through installments or with operator subsidies.”

If it comes to fruition, the subscription service could help Apple generate more revenue while making it easier for consumers to access its hardware catalog.

Bloomberg pointed out that Apple’s idea is that having an iPhone or iPad is like paying each month for iCloud or Apple Music. That way, your customers could sign up for hardware with the same IDs and accounts with which they buy apps and services on the App Store.

“The company has talked about allowing program users to trade in their devices for new models when hardware comes out. Historically, Apple releases new versions of its main devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, once a year.

According to the same sources, those from Cupertino would present the subscription service at the end of 2022, although it could also be delayed for the following year or end up in the drawer of projects that never saw the light of day.

Another possibility is that the leasing formula is linked to Apple One packages and AppleCare technical support plans, launched in 2020. With such plans, users access services such as TV Plus, Arcade, Music, Fitness Plus for a more convenient amount. and iCloud.

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