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Apple will notify users of spying on the iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

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What happened with the Pegasus spyware continues to bring back blows in the world of mobile telephony: Apple began to notify users that they have been the victim of state espionage, through specific notifications in their user account.

These threat notifications will be visible on the Apple ID page and they will be shown to the “very small number of users” who were the victims of these attacks. Additionally, users will receive an email and notification in iMessage.

Within Apple ID the actions to be taken to keep the account protected will also be indicated. The company assures that the attacks from state entities – and that on previous occasions they have used the Pegasus softeare – are “highly complex, very expensive and their duration is very short,” adding that the vast majority of users will never be the victim of any. .

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On the other hand, it is important to know that these special notifications “will never request to open a link, open files, install applications or less, deliver passwords or verification codes”, actions that are frequent when it comes to phishing.

And of course, to the above are added the usual recommendations related to using strong passwords or keeping the devices up to date with operating system updates.

Apple has put a lawsuit against NSO Group, a company that developed the Pegasus software, in order to make them responsible for spying and surveillance carried out on iPhone users. The company also asks the court to prohibit NSO Group from using any Apple product or service, in order to prevent future harm.

Apple also pledged to donate $ 10 million to organizations dedicated to investigating and pursuing cyber surveillance issues, to better address the threat posed by surveillance by governments and wealthy companies such as the NSO Group. .

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