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Apple will stop requiring mandatory masks in its stores | Digital Trends Spanish

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Apple will stop requiring the mandatory use of masks in stores located in certain states, including Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia, where state health guidelines no longer mandate the use of face masks.

According to a report published by the Bloomberg siteApple will continue to require employees in its stores to wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status.

The post adds that the page to find an Apple store It will indicate whether the use of a mask in the establishment is “mandatory”, “recommended” or “optional”.

The use of a mask remains mandatory in states with stricter health guidelines, such as Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Instead, in Apple stores located in New York and Connecticut, the use of face masks will be optional for customers.

Additionally, the Bloomberg report indicates that Apple will resume importing classes on how to use its devices and software. These, known as “Today at Apple”, explain to customers how to create music with the Garageband app, how to take and edit photos on an iPhone or how to create a movie using the iMovie app. According to Bloomberg, Apple will resume classes this week in some stores, while others will start in March.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has modified its in-store mask policy in line with state regulations. In addition, the company has adapted the technology of its devices to the use of face masks, since it recently launched an update that allows unlocking an iPhone with Face ID even when wearing a mask.

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