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Apple’s hilarious commercial on health privacy | Digital Trends Spanish

A hilarious ad campaign just launched Manzana to promote its privacy tools on the one hand and its health features on the other.

With Apple’s privacy protections built into all of its devices and services, the company seeks to assure users that their health data remains safe within the Apple ecosystem.

Privacy on iPhone | The Waiting Room | Manzana

Apple cites four privacy pillars that apply both generally at Apple and specifically with respect to health data:

  • Data minimization: Only the minimum of health data is transmitted to Apple’s servers, assuring users that the vast majority of data cannot be compromised.
  • On-Device Processing: In connection with the data minimization pillar, Apple has intentionally built its products and services to perform as much data processing as possible directly on users’ devices, limiting the data that must be sent to Apple in first place.
  • Transparency and control: Apple says that data is only shared with the user’s explicit permission, and the company has created clear permission prompts to give you fine-grained control over what health data you share with whom, as well as provide reminders about what data you share with whom. is sharing. With HealthKit, third-party developers seeking access to your health data must provide a justification for needing that access, must include a privacy policy, and cannot use or sell your health data for advertising purposes. Any health data these apps receive through HealthKit goes directly to the apps and does not allow Apple to see it as an intermediary.
  • Security: All health data is encrypted on the device, with the exception of medical identification data that can be displayed on your iPhone’s lock screen to help first responders and others who may need to help you in an emergency.

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