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Apple’s historic turn in favor of the right to repair: it will offer original parts and instructions manual to repair at home

Apple will help us repair your devices at home. In what is a complete twist on their strategy so far, Apple has announced that will sell original parts and spare parts to users who request it, as well as complete instruction manuals to carry out this repair without having to go to an official store.

Initially this new ‘Self Service Repair’ service It will be available in the US for the different iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, with the forecast to expand it soon to Macs with M1 processors and to more countries in 2022.

Apple will make it easier to repair your devices at home

Apple users will thus have the ability to access official spare parts, which until now were reserved for 5,000 official Apple suppliers and 2,800 authorized independent repairers. With this decision, Apple extends the possibility of repairing its devices to all users.


For the moment, Apple to focus on parts receiving the most replacement requests, such as the screen, the battery and the camera of the iPhone. At the end of next year it will be extended to be able to carry out other repairs.

According to the company, this self-service repair is focused on “technical users with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices”. A large majority of customers will still prefer to go to a professional repairer rather than buy spare parts. All in all, it’s great news that Apple embraces the right to repair. Although it is still in a limited way.

Apple has been one of the companies that has made it the most difficult in the past and has pushed the most for control of repairs, but the pressure of the “right to repair” movement seems to have had an effect.

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