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Applications that allow you to earn extra money | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s true: there are several mobile applications that allow you to earn extra money, mainly for answering surveys or completing tasks. We clarify one thing: you are not going to get rich, although you could get a few dollars in your PayPal account without having to leave home.

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In the list, there are apps developed by firms like Google and Facebook, as well as others that promise the best profit without complications. All of them have good ratings by users, but it is worth reviewing which one best suits your demands.

Google Opinion Rewards

Straight from big tech, this app lets you earn money that is added to your balance on Google Play. All you have to do is answer surveys about certain places you visit or the digital services you use regularly. When a new survey is available, you receive a notification on your mobile and it will only take you a couple of minutes to answer it.

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Facebook Viewpoints

Welcome to Facebook Viewpoints!

At the moment it is only available in USA. It is a market research application that awards money to those who participate in tasks, surveys or tests of new Facebook products. By completing one of the so-called “programs”, you earn a certain number of points, which can be exchanged for a payment directly into the users’ PayPal account. This platform is expected to reach more territories in 2020.

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Earn money

Earn Money main interface

It seems that behind this application, there are thousands of satisfied users. The development proposes to earn money –it is added to each person’s PayPal account– by performing “simple tasks”, such as viewing ads, testing new applications or completing surveys. “Make Money pays better and faster than other similar apps,” reads its description on Google Play.

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Poll Pay

Poll Pay main interface

One of the important differences of this development is that it allows you to earn coupons for platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and Google Play. If you prefer money, it also gives the option to add balance to PayPal. The idea is that users answer longer surveys or market studies. “We select the best ones for you, so you can earn money comfortably and easily from home,” the service promises.

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Make Money

“It’s the perfect app to take surveys and get rewarded for giving your opinion. No more gift cards that you can’t use”, is how this mobile development is described. In a first step, users need to collect credits by answering surveys; later, these can be withdrawn directly into the person’s PayPal account. In general, it enjoys good comments in digital stores.

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i Say

i-Say App Art

It is defined as a community on-line surveys and prizes. You are supposed to receive exclusive mobile surveys (the platform allows you to manage notifications to get them instantly, daily or weekly) that give you points, which you can exchange for the “prizes most appropriate for you”. The service is developed by Ipsos, a global market research firm.

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