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AR Zone by Samsung: how to use this augmented reality app | Digital Trends Spanish

Augmented reality (AR) is a viewing experience that integrates the real world with virtual elements. Although it does not reach the spectacularity of virtual reality (VR), it is a simple and easy way to mix both spaces. If you own a Galaxy phone, you’re in luck: learn what Samsung’s AR Zone is and how to use it.

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The iPhone had during one of its hallmarks the Memoji, those customizable and animated 3D emojis. However, this changed in 2020 with the arrival of Samsung’s AR Zone, which is exclusively integrated into the Korean manufacturer’s phones, through One UI, its Android-based interface.

What is the Samsung AR Zone


The AR Zone is an application that provides users of Samsung mobile devices with functions related to augmented reality, such as the possibility of creating an emoji, a doodle or even recording videos with virtual elements. In addition to being fun, it gives users the ability to experience an interface that goes beyond the device.

The AR Zone is an application available on the latest Samsung models, including the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Z Fold 3. Among its main functions are:

  • AR Emoji Camera: create an emoji or avatar with your physical characteristics, which you can include in your photos or videos.
  • AR drawings– Record videos with virtual scripts or drawings on any part of the shot, even on other people.
  • AR Emoji Studio: create or edit your custom emoji, adding clothes with custom patterns and colors.
  • AR Emoji Stickers– Design stickers with your emoji’s expressions and actions.
  • Deco Pic– Capture photos or videos with various pre-designed stickers.

How to open the AR Zone

The AR Zone is available on phones from the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note or Galaxy Z series, or a Galaxy higher than the A50 series, provided they are equipped with an Android 9 or higher operating system.

The AR Zone app is located in the folder labeled Samsung on your phone, which you access through the applications menu.

However, a second alternative to open it is through the Camera application, following these steps:

  • Run the app Camera
  • Press the option More
  • Check the menu AR Zone.

How to create your emoji with augmented reality

Design the AR Emoji

The first step to start enjoying the effects of augmented reality on your Samsung phone is creating an emoji based on your physical characteristics. To do so, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the AR Zone app.
  • Press the option AR Emoji Camera.
  • If asked, press
  • Mark the plus symbol (+) to turn into an emoji. You can choose between doing it with an existing photograph or with the camera.
  • If you do it with the camera, place your own face in the center of the screen to align it with the emoji.
  • Select the gender and age of your emoji.
  • Choose the style and clothes to further customize your emoji.
  • When you are done press the button Next and voila, you already have an emoji based on your characteristics.

How to use your custom emoji

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With your custom emoji you can start to develop multiple, how to create stickers in which you appear and share them with your friends, or even record funny videos. Next, we detail the main actions you can take.

Share your emoji in messages

Why have your own emoji if you can’t share it with anyone? Fortunately, adding an emoji to your messages is very easy.

  • Open the app Messages and create a new one.
  • Press the field Enter message and the on-screen keyboard will appear.
  • Touch the icon Stickers (the square smiley face) and then the icon of Emoji on the bottom.
  • You will see GIFs of your own avatar. Select the one you want and press the icon Send.

Take photos or record videos of your emoji

After creating your emoji, you can also take photos and videos with it, by following the steps below:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Press the More option
  • Choose the AR Emoji Camera option.
  • Tap on your emoji icon and choose some of the available options:
    • Scene– The emoji will mimic your facial expressions.
    • Mask– Your emoji’s face will appear on your own face, as if you were wearing a mask.
    • Mirror: your emoji will follow your body movements.
    • Play– You can place your emoji on a real background and it will move.
  • Long press the icon to take a photo or record videos.
  • When you’re done, the file will be stored in your gallery.

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