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ARA gasoline stocks up by over 7%-Insights Global

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LONDON — Gasoline stocks held in

independent storage in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA)

refining and storage area rose by 7.4% in the week to Thursday,

data from Dutch consultancy Insights Global showed.

* Gasoline stocks rose to 813,000 tonnes on slower flows

along the

Rhine river, and amid congestion on barges in Amsterdam,

Insights Global’s Patrick Kulsen said.

* Gasoil stocks fell by nearly 6% to 1.97 million tonnes

amid an

increase in flows to inland locations on the Rhine River, Kulsen

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The following table shows volumes in ‘000/T:

23/09/2021 16/09/2021 24/09/2020

Gasoline 813 757 1,307

Naphtha 267 299 433

Gasoil 1,972 2,091 2,787

Fuel oil 1,223 1,125 1,390

Jet fuel 879 1,031 938

Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes

Gasoline France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Libya, Malta

Latvia, Sweden, France, Greece,

Portugal, UK Sweden, Turkey, US,

West Africa

Naphtha France, Greece, Norway, France

Portugal, Russia, US

Gasoil Finland, France, Italy, Argentina, Cuba,

Portugal, UK France, Sweden,

Germany, UK

Fuel oil Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lebanon,

Poland, Russia, Sweden Portugal, Singapore,


Jet fuel South Korea, US Ireland, UK

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disclosure of ARA stocks data is prohibited without the prior

approval of PJK International BV

(Reporting by Ahmad Ghaddar;Editing by Elaine Hardcastle)


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