Monday, July 4

Aragonès accuses the Government of “blackmail” by El Prat but disassociates it from the dialogue table

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has accused the Ministry of Transport that Thursday of “blackmailing” the Government for making them choose between environmental sustainability and investments in El Prat. “The Government puts us between a rock and a hard place,” he said, “it wants to impose a model of developmentalism that we are not going to accept.” In his opinion, the project needs “time and consensus”, something that in his opinion Aena has not allowed because its objective has always been to extend the third track by 500 meters to the east, passing over the protected natural terrain of La Ricarda. “We are facing a pressure maneuver to impose its model,” he denounced.

Aragonès has demanded that the Government “return to the agreement of August 2”, when the Generalitat and the Ministry agreed to an investment of 1,700 million in the next ten years and actions that comply with the environmental criteria of the European Union. As explained by the head of the Government, it was Aena who broke this agreement when it introduced the expansion to the east in the Airport Management Document (DORA) that this newspaper advanced last Friday.

Despite the visible anger of Aragonès, the president has disassociated the clash over the expansion of the airport from the dialogue table to be held next week. “Not only does it not affect, but we are going with more force,” he said, after noting that the disagreements over the infrastructures are not the object of that table. “There are many people who want the table to fail, but we will not give up on forcing the state to negotiate,” he said.

The president has appeared this Thursday after the Minister of Transport Raquel Sánchez announced on Wednesday that she was suspending the investments planned by Aena in the El Prat Airport for the next five years. After the unexpected news, the vice president of the Government, Jordi Puigneró, accused the Government of “disloyalty” for paralyzing the expansion of the Barcelona air base.