Tuesday, July 5

Aragonès, after the pardons: “It is time for a referendum agreed with international endorsement”

The Government has received the pardons with a double message: it is good news, but it is insufficient. The president of the Generalitat Pere Aragonès has delivered an appearance from the Palau de la Generalitat together with all the members of its Executive in which he has assured that the pardons contribute to giving “credibility” to the negotiated route. But, immediately afterwards, he has insisted that the Government must go much further. “It is time for a referendum agreed upon with international endorsement,” said Aragonès, who has promised to devote all efforts to the “dialogue path” to reach a solution.

Aragonès will attend the dinner with the king in Mobile and look for a date to see Sánchez

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These pardons “do not end in any case with the repression against those of us who want to freely decide whether Catalonia should become a republic,” said Aragonès. “It does not end with the disqualification that continues to limit political rights”, nor does it “resolve the situation of the exiles”, nor does it end with “the general cause against independence,” the president has enumerated. “That is why we defend amnesty, because it means putting an end to all repression,” he insisted.

Aragonès has also qualified the explanation given by the Government to the pardons by considering that, with the grace measures, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez “recognizes that the sentences were unfair.” An affirmation that both the files approved by the Council of Ministers and the President of the Government’s own explanations deny, who affirms that the pardons respect and are not contradictory with the Supreme Court ruling that sentenced the nine independence prisoners.

Some prisoners, said the head of the Government, who “entered with the conviction of not having committed any crime” and leave “with their heads held high and with clear ideas, with the reinforced idea of ​​building a free and fair Catalan republic “. Aragonès has also stated that the members of his cabinet are “happy” that his colleagues are free.

“For this reason we demand that the Spanish State heed without further delay the call of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to put an end to the repression, to withdraw the extradition demands against exiles and exiles and to stop the persecution of political representatives and public servants in the exercise of his mandate. “, he added. “That all repression ceases and commits to working for an agreed solution to the conflict in Catalonia that starts with respect for human rights,” he claimed.