Thursday, October 28

Aragonès celebrates the freedom of Puigdemont but warns that it “is not complete”

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has expressed his solidarity with the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont this Saturday, after he was arrested on Thursday and released on Friday in Sardinia, and has celebrated his freedom although he has warned that it ” it is not complete. ” He has said this in statements to the media together with the vice president of the Government, Jordi Puigneró, from Alghero (in Sardinia, Italy), to where both have traveled this Saturday to accompany the former president of the Generalitat and leader of the Junts.

Aragonès has warned that “the complete freedom, of him and of all the exiles, will be when all the judicial causes are withdrawn.” The head of the Government has recalled the position in this sense of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, for which he has demanded that Puigdemont’s arrest warrants be lifted. The vice-president of the Government, Jordi Puigneró, who has also moved to the Italian island, has asked Spain to “take good note” of what “three of the six founding justices of the EU” tell him, in reference to Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Aragonés has indicated that the Government has wanted to move to Alghero to “denounce that the repression against the independence movement continues” and to defend that an amnesty is “more necessary than ever” in this situation, as well as a self-determination referendum.

In this sense, the Catalan president thanked Alghero and Sardinia for “their solidarity with the Catalan cause” and defended the right of the citizens of Catalonia to hold a referendum on self-determination.

Shared goals

Asked about how the detention of Puigdemont affects the continuity of the dialogue table between the Generalitat and the central government, he has claimed the unity of the Government partners: “We demand amnesty and self-determination, the two great shared objectives.”

“This is what unites us, what we have to strengthen, and the conclusion we draw from these days. A political solution is necessary,” he defended.

Puigneró avoids commenting on the table

Asked about the same question, Puigneró – who did not attend the meeting between executives held on September 15 – has avoided commenting on the matter and has referred to the institutional statement that Aragonès delivered on Friday from the Palau de la Generalitat after Puigdemont’s arrest: “We made our position clear the other day during the statement,” he said.

The vice president recalled that “of the six founding countries of the European Union, three, Belgium, Germany and Italy, have ruled that Puigdemont and the independence movement have not committed any crime.”

Given this prognosis, he has called on the Government to raise the cases against Puigdemont and has argued that “Europe cannot allow a state to row against the fundamental principles of the European Union.”