Friday, January 28

Aragonès claims before the king and the businessmen the negotiation with the Government

King Felipe VI and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, have returned to sit at the same table this Monday, in an image that is no longer a rarity in Catalan business forums. This time it was at the gala dinner for the 250th anniversary of the Foment del Treball Nacional, which tonight also distributes its Carles Ferrer Salat awards. In his speech before the businessmen, Aragonès has claimed the negotiation table with the Government as a tool to get out of “immobility” without meaning instability. For his part, the king has stressed the need to preserve legal security to guarantee stability.

The head of the Government has also spoken of self-determination, for which he has given the example of Scotland, which is preparing a new referendum after holding the last one in 2014, with the victory of the supporters of continuing in the United Kingdom. “What is possible in Scotland must be in Catalonia”, he said. Along the same lines, Aragonès has taken advantage of the business presence to claim “maximum complicity” with the Catalan language, of which he has highlighted that it can be one of the assets of Catalonia.

The king dined with the Catalan authorities and businessmen after, in the morning, he had attended the ceremony for the distribution of offices for the new judges. There, the head of state had encouraged the new judges to contribute to the judicial institution “the best of yourselves to continue strengthening the constitutional and moral legitimacy that corresponds to it.”

Despite the fact that the current Government avoids open hostilities against the Royal Household, neither the President Aragonès nor the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, also present at the table, have participated in the kissing of the monarch offered by the Catalan business institution. Government sources have explained that Felipe VI and Aragonès have greeted each other afterwards and have shared a brief courtesy talk.

The meeting was also attended by the ministers Raquel Sánchez and José Luis Escrivá and the minister Roger Torrent, for the political part, as well as the president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre, and the president of the La Caixa Banking Foundation, Isidro Fainé, who he was one of the winners.

In their parliaments, the members of the central government have also highlighted the good progress of the dialogue with the Generalitat. “The environment in Catalonia is different from three years ago”, has claimed the Minister of Transport, the Catalan Sánchez, who has attributed this change to the normalization of relations between institutions.

Although this year there was no protest called in the street, the ANC has ended up making an appearance through an action that consisted of projecting the image of King Felipe VI upside down and with the message “out with the occupation forces.” He has done so using as a canvas the two Venetian towers that open the esplanade of the Fira site, in the Plaza de España in Barcelona.