Monday, March 27

Aragonès claims that the labor reform allows the Generalitat to once again be able to authorize or deny EREs

Pere Aragonès has advanced that one of the claims that ERC will put on the table to modify the labor reform is that the “capacity to authorize or not authorize” the Employment Regulation Files (ERE) be restored to the Generalitat.

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In an interview with the EFE Agency, Aragonès recalled that “previously the Generalitat had had this capacity”, but a few years ago “it was repealed by the PP and has not been recovered.”

Now, taking advantage of the fact that ERC can be decisive in the parliamentary processing of the labor reform approved this Tuesday by the Government, Aragonès believes that “this tool must be recovered.”

For the Generalitat, this prior administrative authorization of the ERE is “a very relevant tool, to be able to act in the event of company closures, improve mediation capacity and be able to offer alternatives to closure”.

The royal decree law that includes the labor reform must be validated by the Congress of Deputies, so the Government of Pedro Sánchez must have the support of his parliamentary partners, although some such as ERC, EH Bildu and PNV have expressed their rejection of the rule as it is written.

Aragonès, national coordinator of ERC, has warned that his party will be “demanding” in this negotiation: “From ERC we have always defended the need to repeal the labor reforms of the PP. Now, what we have on the table is not a repeal , but a partial modification, therefore it is insufficient “, has indicated.

What Aragonès has ruled out is that the vote in favor of ERC for the labor reform could arrive by negotiating other issues in parallel, such as the negotiating table on the Catalan political conflict.

“ERC’s position on the labor reform will be based on the contents of the labor reform. That no one tries to use the negotiation process as a tool so that we do not defend the rights of workers in the processing of the labor reform in the Congress, “he remarked.