Wednesday, October 5

Aragonès closes a budget agreement with the comuns

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced this Monday to the rest of the councilors that he has reached an agreement with the comuns for the 2022 budgets. Aragonès has reported the pact in an Executive Council convened at 8.30 am, at few hours after the debate on the accounts of the next year to which the Catalan Executive arrived without having the support assured is held in the Parliament.

The Government is divided by the alliances: ERC looks for the comuns; Junts, to the PSC

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After the refusal of the CUP to endorse the accounts – the anti-capitalist formation confirmed the amendment to the entirety this weekend – the Government began talks with the parliamentary group of En Comú Podem last Thursday. ERC led the talks over the weekend due to the misgivings of Junts, its government partner, of negotiating with the formation of Ada Colau. No Junts leader appeared on Sunday at the meeting that the Government held with the leaders of the comuns, not even the Minister of Economy Jaume Giró.

The commitment of Aragonès to negotiate with the commons has opened a new gap in the Government coalition. Junts insisted on reaching an agreement with the CUP that would shore up the pro-independence majority that ERC, Junts and the anti-capitalists form in the chamber. In Puigdemont’s party they believe that, in addition, an agreement with the comuns for the Government’s budgets will imply that ERC supports the accounts of the Barcelona City Council for Colau’s party. The ERC leader in the Barcelona city council, Ernest Maragall, has called a press conference at 10:30 am in which he could announce a “change of cards” to approve individual budgets.

Junts must now decide whether to endorse this way to approve the accounts, after warning on Sunday that it would not accept substantial changes in the budget project.