Monday, July 4

Aragonès conditions the meeting with Sánchez to receive “face-to-face explanations” about espionage with Pegasus

Is there a date for the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès? “No”, the president of the Catalan Generalitat in Brussels replied: “And we don’t want to hold a meeting for the sake of holding a meeting. The fundamental thing about espionage is maximum transparency, assumption of responsibility and guarantee of non-repetition”.

“We have been demanding these explanations in a face-to-face format for a month”, Aragonès continued: “We demand that it not be just a photo. Here we need explanations. Transparency, assumption of responsibilities and guarantees of non-repetition. It is quite incompatible that someone is dangerous enough to be spied on, but good enough that stability is guaranteed: it is incompatible. Therefore, explanations, transparency, assumption of responsibilities and guarantees of non-repetition are needed”.

And isn’t the dismissal of the director of the CNI enough? “I repeat”, he answers: “Transparency, declassification of the documents of the alleged judicial proceedings that explain the reasons why some of us have been spied on. From knowing who ordered or who benefited from that information, that political responsibilities be assumed at the level that is necessary. And, thirdly, guarantees of non-repetition. If I was spied on because I defended the independence of Catalonia three years ago, today defending the independence of Catalonia. So, am I being spied on today?”

Aragonès, who met this Wednesday and Thursday with Carles Puigdemont, Clara Ponsatí in the European Parliament, compared the actions of the Spanish justice system with the pro-independence leaders and with the king emeritus: “These days I have been able to meet with three MEPs who also they are political exiles because of an absolutely unjustified repression. A repression of a political nature that prevents them from returning freely to Catalonia, and that contrasts with a king emeritus whose causes have been shelved and a red carpet has been laid for him. He shows that in terms of democratic quality and assumption of responsibilities, the current Spanish state leaves much to be desired”.

In this sense, the president of the Generallitat de Catalunya has abounded: “What I want to show is that the king emeritus returns and a red carpet is laid out for him with all the honours. And that is absolutely incompatible with a democracy that is self-demanding with itself in which it should assume responsibilities and instead of having a prosecutor’s office that decides to file the investigations that were underway “.

“And this fact,” says Aragonès, “contrasts with the repression suffered in many areas, with people who suffer exile against their will.”