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Aragonès doubles the pressure on Laura Borràs: “In Catalonia there is no place for corruption”

While waiting for the judge to open an oral trial for corruption against the President of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, and the political storm over her suspension is unleashed, support for the leader of Junts continues to come only from her party. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has redoubled this Saturday the pressure on Borràs and has underlined that “there is not and there will be no place for corruption in Catalonia”.

A Junts deputy scolded a TV3 journalist for the questions of an interview with Laura Borràs

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The words of the president come after the Prosecutor’s Office has asked Boràs for six years in prison for “abusing” his position at the head of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC) to award 18 contracts to a friend by finger.

Once the judge opens an oral trial, the Parliament’s regulations oblige Borràs to be suspended as a deputy, but the leader of Junts interprets that this should not be applied to her, and in fact she has made explicit her intention to suppress the precept that would jeopardize her institutional charge. The opposition does not intend for Borràs to achieve its goal.

Neither his partners from the Govern de ERC nor the rest of the sovereigntist forces such as the CUP support Borràs because they understand, contrary to what the president of Junts defends, that his case is not persecution of independence but corruption.

“We do not want corruption anywhere, it is the worst attack that public resources can have, which are shared resources,” Aragonès maintained at an ERC event in Palamós (Girona).

The president has not explicitly mentioned Borràs, but he has assured that the Catalan institutions must be at the service of the majority because “they are not for one or two people or for a project”, in another veiled reference to the case of the deputy of Junts Francesc de Dalmases, who, as revealed by and Nació Digital, intimidated a TV3 journalist because he was upset with the questions asked of Borràs on the program ‘FAQs’.

Until the clash in the Chamber on account of the report on the behavior of Borràs that the PSC, ERC, CUP and comuns have requested and the suspension of Borràs, the president of the Parliament has once again shown that she has no intention of giving her arm to twist.

In an interview on RTVE, Borràs has maintained that even if the Parliament voted for her suspension, that would not imply that she would have to leave her seat: “I will not leave my position, nor my position as deputy, nor as president”.

“Suspended from rights and duties does not mean leaving the seat. You stop doing those functions, but that does not mean that you abandon them or make you resign. During the period of time that this suspension is considered to affect, there will be another who will do the functions, but another president is not chosen, ”he remarked.

This Saturday the president of the Parlament has received the support of the Council for the Republic, a para-institutional space led from Belgium by Carles Puigdemont, who has defended preserving his “presumption of innocence”. In the opinion of the Council, the suspension of her as a deputy if they open an oral trial would imply a “bench sentence”. Puigdemont has not been able to connect to the telematic session of the Council “due to flights and stopovers”, as explained by the president of the Assembly of Representatives, Ona Curto.

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