Wednesday, November 29

Aragonès, in his Diada speech: “Catalonia will vote again, it’s inevitable”

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, insisted this Saturday on the need for the Catalans to vote in a referendum to decide “the future of Catalonia”. In his traditional Diada speech, recorded this year from the Roman forum in Empúries (Girona), Aragonès has indicated that “Catalonia will vote again”. “It’s inevitable,” he added.

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Aragonès began his speech calling on all Catalans to participate on Sunday in the “different events” that will be held throughout the territory. “Each one according to his own convictions with the vision we have of a diverse and plural country”, the president pointed out. “But with all the enthusiasm and all the strength.”

The president has claimed aspects of the work of his Government, such as the free P2 course in nurseries or the national pact for industry, and has promised to “double the effort” to combat inflation and lack of power acquisition of citizenship.

Aragonès continued his speech by adding that all these “urgencies of the moment” cannot make the Catalans forget “the political conflict” that is still “pending to be resolved”. The president, however, has highlighted some progress such as “the dejudicialization of politics”, “the end of repression” and the launch of the dialogue table with the central government. “It is important to value that we have managed to return the conflict to politics”, he pointed out.

“Catalonia will be what the Catalans want it to be”, continued Aragonès. “Citizens must be able to choose between an obsolete state, which does not respond to the needs of citizens as we see, for example, every day with the disastrous and unacceptable Rodalies service”, he pointed out. “Or a Catalan republic with all the tools to make people’s lives easier with all the resources to improve everyone’s life”.

Aragonès has defended a referendum as the “most inclusive” proposal and the one that generates the most consensus in Catalan society. “Catalonia will vote”, he has affirmed. “It will do it sooner or later depending on the strength we have.”

“Never, absolutely never, will I give up the fact that citizens can decide freely, peacefully and democratically the future of the country”, the president has riveted.