Wednesday, August 17

Aragonès is suspicious of a common front with the Junts to negotiate the State Budgets

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has expressed his doubts about the advisability of making a common front with Together to negotiate the State budget. “If it is a tool to wear down the independentista on the side, it is better that we do not start,” he assured. In an interview with ‘Radio 4 and La2’, Aragonès has responded in this way to the request of the JxCat spokesperson, Elsa Artadi, who has urged ERC and CUP to negotiate together the state accounts to take advantage of the parliamentary “weakness” of Pedro Sanchez.

“If every day we have to find an excuse to vote no, let’s say it from the start,” he added. The head of the Government has also demanded that everyone put “their proposals on the table” to speak “honestly” about the negotiation with the Government. “If we can go together to negotiate we will have more strength,” he indicated.

In the same vein, the head of the Catalan Executive has also made a call to “strengthen” the Catalan position at the negotiating table. “There would be much more unity. We must close ranks. Go to one,” he defended.