Monday, August 8

Aragonès links the expansion of the El Prat airport to its Catalan management

The expansion of the El Prat Airport, agreed by the Government and the Generalitat at the beginning of August, will still have to overcome several obstacles. One of them is the environmental impact study, due to the impact on the La Ricarda lagoon, but management responsibility could also be added. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has described as “essential” that the Catalan Executive assumes the management of the Barcelona aerodrome.

The Government ensures that expanding the El Prat airport is compatible with environmental objectives

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“Any of the future proposals must go through the Catalan management of the airport. It is absolutely essential,” the president remarked in statements to the ACN agency. Aragonès defends in this way that this competence appears in the final agreement of the Master Plan of El Prat.

The head of the Government insists that the management of the airport must be “of Catalan society” in order to determine the strategy and management of this “country infrastructure”, from the Generalitat and local administrations to social and economic entities. “The State can have its participation as one more administration,” he adds.

“An increase in the capacity of the Prat would be of no use, with all the problems, sacrifices, effort and debate that it may entail, if from Catalonia we do not manage the future of the airport. We cannot assume an infrastructure that is managed from 500 kilometers , and that it does not serve the objectives set initially, “he insisted.

Discard the PSC and bet on the CUP in the budgets

Aragonès has also explained that he only contemplates approving the Generalitat’s budgets for 2022 with the support of the three parties that gave him their support in the investiture: ERC, Junts and the CUP. “Any other scenario would not be coherent,” he argued, referring to the legislative agreement signed with the pro-independence groups. “If we want good budgets, the CUP has to be there,” he emphasized. In this way, the president rejects a pact with the PSC to give the green light to the Catalan accounts.

The cupairesHowever, they propose as red lines the extension of the El Prat airport and the Winter Olympic Games in the Pyrenees. Aragonès replies that these two aspects “are not included” in ERC’s investiture agreement with the CUP: “And we, what we comply with, are the agreements in their literal sense.” The president is “convinced” that “many” aspects of the understanding between Republicans and anti-capitalists will be advanced in the coming weeks.

Although the PSC has offered to Aragonès to negotiate the accounts, the president of the Generalitat dismisses them: “I cannot imagine the PSC voting on budgets that apply my agreement with the CUP,” he declared.

The Government wants the budgets to come into force on January 1, 2022 so that they can function “at full capacity” from day one. For this reason, he plans to advance in the negotiations during September, and works to close the agreement in October: “This is the objective, obviously,” he pointed out. “We have to specify many aspects, we barely have the general photo and we have to fill it with content,” added Aragonè.