Wednesday, November 30

Aragonès, on the fifth anniversary of 1-O: “We have to get back together”

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has asked the independence movement to “reunite” in order to hold a referendum whose results are recognized both in Spain and internationally.

Five years after the 1-O referendum, no policeman convicted of the charges

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On the fifth anniversary of the 1-O vote, Aragonès has asked the independentistas to “refocus” on the “right to vote” and leave behind the division that prevails between the political formations and civil entities of this political space.

The president has put aside the reproaches after a week of high tension between ERC and Junts, the two main pro-independence parties that govern in coalition in the Generalitat. At a time when the Catalan Executive is hanging by a thread – the Junts militancy will vote next week if the party should leave the Govern -, Aragonès has asked to return to the “impassable alliance” that according to him made possible the 1- Or: the union between institutions, civil society, parties and citizens.

Aragonès has described the 1-O as a “great victory” and a “lesson in democratic values” and has recalled both the “high price” and the “personal cost” that the vote has entailed for the people who organized it. “These people deserve not only a heartfelt collective recognition but also all our support”, said the head of the Catalan Executive.

“If we want to win, we cannot leave anyone behind”, continued the president. “We have to go back to working positively on that which unquestionably unites us,” insisted Aragonès, who considers that the independence movement should focus on “defending democracy” and the “right to vote.” Thus, he has once again vindicated his commitment to a clarity agreement “to determine how and when” Catalonia can “be able to exercise again” the so-called “right to decide”.

To finish, Aragonès thanked all the citizens who went to the polls on October 1, 2017. “Both those who voted yes and those who voted no,” he stressed.