Monday, May 16

Aragonès questions Sánchez after the espionage crisis: “The situation is serious and we have to talk about it face to face”

Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès have met in Barcelona, ​​in an act of the Cercle d’Economia, in the midst of a political storm due to espionage with Pegasus and only a few hours after the CNI confirmed that it had obtained judicial authorization to tap the boss’s telephone of the Government. The two presidents have not limited themselves to a protocol greeting but have exchanged a few words, about four minutes, at the door of the Hotel W and while waiting for the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. “The situation is serious and we have to talk about it face to face,” Aragonès told Sánchez, according to government sources.

Pere Aragonès’s team had advanced a few minutes before the president intended to question Sánchez whenever he had time to do so to demand a formal meeting to discuss the espionage issue. According to the Government, this meeting cannot be limited to a casual meeting, like the one that took place this Friday, but must be a working session where both can exchange opinions and where Sánchez can offer “explanations” to Aragonès.

The Government does not deny that this meeting could take place, although for the time being they have not set a date for it. What they do commit to is to “continue working to rebuild trust”, which they admit is very shaken. The Government has already launched its political machinery a week after the list of 65 people spied on according to Citizen Lab was known, when Minister Félix Bolaños went to Barcelona to meet with Minister Vilagrà. The minister’s explanations, however, did not convince Aragonès and his men.

In the Government they emphasize that the crisis is deep and Aragonès does not hide his anger. Precisely at the beginning of the Cercle d’Economia, the president assured the businessmen that he was “hurt” after having opted for dialogue. The attitude of the Government on the Pegasus scandal, defended Aragonès, was putting this agreed path at risk and also the parliamentary stability of the central Executive.

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