Monday, June 5

Aragonès raises the tone against Borràs for his corruption case: “If he were from the ERC, he would be removed”

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has suggested to the president of the Parlament, Laura Borràs, that if any ERC leader found himself facing the same legal situation, he would put the institution “ahead” and “separate it” from the position until it resolves Their case.

Laura Borràs asks to “annul” the article of the regulation that will suspend her when she is tried for corruption

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The words of the president come at the beginning of the week in which the Prosecutor’s Office will present its accusation against the leader of Junts after her prosecution for prevarication, fraud, false documents and embezzlement for “abusing” her position at the head of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC) to handpick 18 contracts to a friend.

Until now, the ministers of the Government avoided assessing the judicial situation of Borràs so as not to further strain relations between ERC and Junts. This Monday Aragonès has broken the silence after a weekend in which Borràs has reaffirmed his Numantine defense, with a public act of support and an interview on TV3 in which for the first time he has made explicit his intention to suppress the article of the regulation of the Parlament that would suspend her from office once an oral trial has been opened against her.

In an interview with Onda Cero, Aragonès was asked if, as the president of the Parliament argues, this is another example of political and judicial “repression” against the independence movement. Aragonès has denied the majority and wanted to make it clear that the accusation made against Borràs is “very different” from other cases “that are related to political decisions around the October 1 referendum.”

“Regardless of whether it is true that these events occurred or not, the point is that the crimes that are part of this indictment are what they are,” said Aragonès, who stressed that the ERC would act very differently than the defense at all costs of Borràs made by Junts.

“If it were a person from our party, the institution would be put first, it would be removed, its innocence would be defended and, if that person were finally resolved favorably, it would be restored to its responsibilities,” the president asserted.

Aragonès has recalled in this line that the regulations of the Parliament of Catalonia “does not require the resignation”, but rather “allows the suspension” of the affected deputy. “Therefore, this is a path,” he added. But it is a decision that corresponds to the president of the Parlament and Junts per Catalunya. And at this time the indictment is not yet final, there is no opening of oral proceedings and therefore we have time to see what its definitive position is.