Monday, March 4

Aragonès redoubles its pressure on Junts for the budgets: “We do not desert our responsibilities”

The president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonès, has assured that ERC “does not desert” its responsibilities or “abandon” the Catalans and, in this sense, has redoubled its pressure on JxCat to support the 2023 budgets, since that “it would not be understood that the citizenry was ”inhibited” and ”abandoned”. This was stated by the Catalan president during the presentation of the candidacy to the National Executive of the party for the next ERC congress, a list headed by the party leader, Oriol Junqueras, and the general secretary, Marta Rovira.

In his speech, Aragonès defended that the candidacy led by Junqueras and Rovira, of which he is a member, has the objective of “strengthening” the party so that it “continues to be even more useful to citizens” and to “make the things happen”, such as the reinforcement of public services in a “particularly difficult” context. But also to face other challenges, such as the feminist or climate agenda, or “also advance in the resolution of the conflict with the State, under the axes of” amnesty and self-determination “, through “an agreed referendum and the end of the repression”.

“To do that – he stressed – we want to strengthen the party even more and assume all the leadership that is necessary. And in the next political cycle, we are willing to assume all the institutional, political and social leadership that is necessary to move the country forward”. With an ERC that is committed to “collective leadership”, Aragonès has made a direct allusion to the political crisis experienced just a week ago, with the departure of JxCat from the coalition government, which has led the Catalan president to appoint seven new ministers.

“ERC has had to assume the most important responsibilities in the country and we will continue to assume them. We do not abandon the citizenry, we do not desert our responsibilities, we exercise them even assuming all the derivatives and all the consequences, ”said the also national coordinator of ERC. A “we do not desert” from Aragonès that is a new notice to JxCat, after in recent days the president has insisted again and again on asking that this formation support the budgets, without that request having been reciprocated yet by his former partners.

Asked if he rules out agreeing on these budgets with the PSC, Aragonès has maintained his position, expressed several times this week, in the sense of sticking to prioritizing the pact with Junts, but avoiding at all times explicitly closing the door to the Socialists, with whose leader will see at the end of next week. “I refer to what was said in recent days: we have a very advanced budget project, which Minister Giró (Junts) was working on and nobody would understand that Junts abandons the public”, Aragonès affirmed.

From his point of view, “it would be very incomprehensible for Junts to refrain from giving support to the budgets that they have prepared”, he pointed out, although he has made it clear that in the event that these accounts could not finally be approved, the The Government will guarantee “all resources” for public services and social policies.

Oriol Junqueras has also been questioned on this issue, after just a week ago he was blunt in vetoing a budget pact with the PSC.

Asked if he maintains that position, Junqueras has responded less emphatically: “I refer to everything said in recent days. We have been very explicit on this issue. We will continue working to build the best possible partnerships, which include partnerships in all areas, all of them essential”.