Wednesday, November 30

Aragonès sees the sentence of 25% of Spanish as an “educational 155” and promises to maintain immersion

“A kind of educational 155”. This is how the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, described the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to ratify the ruling that obliges Catalan schools to teach 25% of classes in Spanish and extend it in general to all the centers. A decision that the head of the Executive has opined that it tries to “break the consensus around a successful model”.

The Government, to which the Justice has given ten days to apply the sentence, considers that the decision is similar at the school level to the application of article 155 of the Constitution, which suppresses regional powers, for which it has ensured that will maintain the current language immersion model. “We have legal and juridical arguments to do so”, he said, after considering that the TSJC has adopted a decision that supposes a “clear interference in the pedagogical field” against a model “that has not been academically questioned”.

For this reason, Aragonès has assured that the Government will assume all responsibility for maintaining the immersion, although he has avoided speaking of disobedience. “It’s not about obeying or disobeying, but about defending the model,” he said. “Teachers in Catalonia have to know that they have the Government at their side”, he added, after committing to “work so that families, students and teachers have maximum legal certainty”.

The head of the Government has made these statements from Vic, one day after a resolution of the Catalan TSJ communicated to the school authorities of the Generalitat that they have ten days to comply with the sentence that finalizes the linguistic immersion system and that imposes the 25 % of Spanish in all schools in the community. The resolution also established a period of two months, from which the State Attorney, as plaintiff, or any individual who believes that the Government does not apply the sentence, may ask the court for its forced execution.

Although until now there had been specific sentences in relation to some centers, which the Government had been complying with, the novelty now is that the measure, which is not endorsed by the experts in Education or by the Parliament, must be applied once to all of the educational system.

Mobilization against the PP in Vic

Also in the city of Vic there have been moments of tension this Saturday when several dozen people gathered in defense of the immersion have blocked the way and booed the leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández, who planned to hold a political event in the city . Fernández had gone to the municipality after the Vic City Council had not given permission for his formation to set up a tent. The Mossos d’Esquadra have escorted the leader of the PP, despite what at times the congregants have tried to push the politician and the entourage.

Taking advantage of the fact that both he and Aragonès were in the same city, Fernández asked him to the media if “he is proud of a Catalonia where he can walk peacefully” while Fernández and his party “cannot even set up a tent”.