Monday, September 26

Aragonès urges Junts to elect a new president of the Parlament after the suspension of Borràs

The President of the Govern, Pere Aragonès, has warned that an “interim that has a very long duration” at the head of the Presidency of the Parliament “is not good”. That is why he considers that “the best way” to avoid it is “the election of a new presidency.” This has been pronounced in an interview with the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN). The decision could be reversed if the suspended president of the Chamber, Laura Borràs, ended up being acquitted in the trial for the alleged division of contracts when she directed the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC).

Aragonès will maintain the dialogue table even if there is a change of government in Spain: “The conflict continues”

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On the other hand, the head of the Generalitat has assured that Junts knew before Borràs was brought to trial that ERC would ask to suspend her if she did not leave before.

The head of the Government has acknowledged that he has not spoken to Borràs again once she has been suspended. In fact, the last time he spoke with her was in the last plenary session, the week before the Board’s decision to apply 24.5 of the regulation to her. Aragonès, who is also the national coordinator of the ERC, has maintained that the best thing that could have happened is that Borràs decided to step aside ‘motu proprio’, “to protect the institution and try to leave its legal defense as clean as possible”. “But in the end there is a regulation and the regulation must be applied,” he said.

He has also assured that both Borràs and JxCat were aware of the decision that the Republicans would take at the Table before the TSJC sent Borràs to trial. “We had been talking, and we had insistently requested that 25.2 be applied – in which the suspension is requested by the affected deputy himself. But, [dijimos que] we would request the application of 25.4, because the regulation must be applied”, he argued. This section establishes that the Board “must agree to the suspension of parliamentary rights and duties immediately” once the act of opening the oral trial in cases of accusation for crimes related to corruption is final.

Earlier this week, Junts asked the Board to reconsider the agreement on the suspension and points out that this request will serve to “exhaust all administrative routes” before opening the judicial process in Europe. “They make the decisions they consider appropriate, and we respect it,” Aragonés simply states. ERC has already advanced that its members on the Board –Alba Vergés and Rubén Wagensberg– will be “consistent” with the decision to suspend Borràs.

But the president of the Government does not see well that the institutions are “in a situation of forced interim”. He sees it as “essential” that Junts, in order to comply with the agreement between the two parties according to which the parliamentary presidency corresponds to those of Jordi Turull, propose “a mechanism so that the leadership of the Parliament continues to be exercised by a deputy from his party ”.

“The best way to avoid this interim is the election of a new presidency of the Parliament. And that, in any case, if after the trial Laura Borràs is acquitted, that she can return it to him ”, he has suggested. “ERC has no interest in having the presidency of the chamber through a substitution in the face of these unwanted circumstances”, she has said, although he has guaranteed that they will not leave the institution “unattended”.

As a result of the Borràs case, Aragonès has made a call to abandon partisan quarrels, but “if someone considers that they must make a decision” about continuity in the Government –as some sectors of Junts have proposed–, “let them make it”. The president of the Generalitat has said that all his directors have his confidence and that, therefore, there is no need to make changes in the composition of the executive. In fact, when asked if he considers that Junts has always acted with loyalty, Aragonès replied that “if he believed that it had not been so”, he would have made decisions regarding the continuity of the executive. After the change in the leadership of Junts, now with Borràs as president and Turull as general secretary, Aragonès considers that dialogue with the party “continues to be useful”.