Monday, September 20

Aragonès warns the Government that there will be “moments of shock” if it does not “channel” the political solution in Catalonia

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, warns the central government that there will be “moments of shock” if it does not “channel” the political solution of the conflict with Catalonia. In an interview in the ACN agency, the head of the Government has warned Madrid that the will of the independentistas “will not disappear”, and that either the current parliamentary majority or a future one, and one generation or another of independentistas, will return to pose “difficulty” scenarios. Aragonès has also opted to meet the dialogue table every two or three months, after the meeting scheduled in September.

“If the political conflict is not put on track, the will of the Catalans to be an independent state will not disappear.” Aragonès has warned the Spanish government in this way that Catalonia will not lower its aspirations for self-determination, although Moncloa does not make any proposal at the dialogue table. With a month to meet the bilateral body between the two executives, the president of the Generalitat insists on “the obligation to explore a negotiated solution”, which has the backing of the Catalan citizenry.

Aragonès has been “convinced” that both the Junts and the CUP will “stick to” the agreements with ERC and that, therefore, “they will clearly contemplate that the path of negotiation with the State must be explored.” In this way, he has stated that as president he must be “above legitimate partisan positions or those who want to seek a bit of electoral revenue in the short term.” “We must have a long look and we must not miss any opportunity to defend the referendum and amnesty wherever it is,” he justified.

Likewise, the president added that the bet to participate in the dialogue table “does not exclude any other strategic proposal” of the independence movement. “If someone has a short-term applicable alternative, put it on the table,” he says.

Aragonès is committed to meeting the dialogue table “every two or three months”. However, he considers it “essential” that the internal work be done between one meeting and another. “It is a process that will have its cycle, and must continue in time precisely for it to have results,” he reiterated.

Finally, he assured that the pro-independence parties and entities are “working to deepen the strategic debate” of the movement, as well as to specify the role of the Council for the Republic, chaired by Carles Puigdemont. The president, however, does not want to interfere, but only “to accompany the maximum to strengthen the proposal.”

Rejection of the COVID-19 passport

Regarding the restrictions due to the pandemic, Aragonès has stated that “nothing can be ruled out”, but that “at this point” does not consider using the COVID-19 passport to restrict certain activities. “Before you have to promote all other measures to promote vaccination,” he argued during the interview. In fact, the president has added that the use of the COVID-19 passport generates a “substantive ethical debate” about the restrictions of rights and freedoms, so that “hasty measures” are not needed, but rather to bet on encouraging vaccination.

Aragonès has stated that, for the moment, it is still “absolutely essential” to maintain the current restrictions – approved at the beginning of summer – to avoid a rapid de-escalation: “They relax the measures when necessary”, he emphasizes. The chief executive has warned that, surely, although preventive measures will have to be maintained when the school year begins. Finally, Aragonès has been in favor of vaccinating countries with low levels of protection against the pandemic, before considering the application of booster doses to territories with complete guidelines.