Sunday, December 4

Aragonès will announce a package of measures with 300 million to face inflation

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will announce this Tuesday in the General Policy Debate of the Parlament a first package of measures endowed with 300 million euros to face the consequences of inflation, inform sources from the Government. As advanced this Monday ‘El Periódico’are measures that can be increased and completed in the coming weeks and months, and that will include a package focused on rising energy prices and climate change.

The measures aim to “help the most vulnerable”, but will also include more general aid to reduce the impact of inflation; Thus, families, companies, vulnerable households, the primary sector and young people may benefit.

The sources consulted have specified that the measures, the social concern and the transformations that the Government is facing will focus a large part of the president’s speech on the debate, as well as his “broad and inclusive” proposal for self-determination. Some novelties are of immediate application and others will be linked to the approval of the 2023 Budgets, for which the Presidency insists that “it is not a closed plan”.

Sources from the Catalan Executive affirm that, by order of the president, they have been working on these measures for weeks. They are in line with those made with the covid, “helping the most vulnerable and also more general aid to reduce the impact of inflation.” With this perspective, they add, the budgets of the Generalitat are being drawn up and with this idea this first package of measures has been prepared that directly seek to “combat the rising cost of living”.

The relationship of the partners of Govern

On the other hand, the ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has asked Junts for “respect” and “co-responsibility” the day before the general policy debate begins in Parliament. “This is not the time to destabilize the Government due to internal disputes,” Vilalta said at a press conference.

According to Junts, the objective in the general policy debate is to see if ERC is a “serious” party and “complies with the legislature agreement signed with Junts or do they intend to continue acting unilaterally within the Generalitat government as they have done until now”. “What we want to verify in the debate is whether or not they intend to comply with the agreement made by President Pere Aragonès”, they added.

Depending on the degree of compliance with the agreement, Junts ensures that it will make “the decisions it deems appropriate.” In this sense, management sources warn that Junts “will not continue to share government with someone who does not explicitly intend to comply with a signing agreement” and that he has allowed Pere Aragonès to be president of the Generalitat. And they also deny that there is internal division on the matter.