Friday, February 3

Aragonès will attend the Conference of Presidents in La Palma to discuss refugees

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will finally attend the Conference of Autonomous Presidents to be held this Sunday in La Palma. The head of the Govern announced it this Thursday after considering that the Government has fulfilled its requirement to change the agenda of the meeting to introduce a point on the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Specifically, Aragonès has justified his presence in La Palma by Catalonia’s commitment to welcoming refugees, which require coordination between the regional and state administrations.

Aragonès had been reluctant until now to attend the meetings of the regional presidents, considering that these forums are “not very executive” and “remain in a photo”. However, under pressure from the Government and the PSC in recent days, the president had made it a requirement that the agenda include the issue of refugees and measures to alleviate economic damage. A request that the Government has ended up accepting, as reported by the Government.

“In the face of exceptional situations, exceptional presences,” summed up the head of the Generalitat, taking advantage of a visit to one of the shelters that are part of the device prepared to welcome Ukrainian citizens. As the Republican has defended, attendance at this Sunday’s meeting is exceptional, but the Government continues to maintain its demands on the meeting of regional leaders, who believe that it makes no sense if it is not configured as “a real workspace , coordination and agreements”, he said.