Tuesday, July 5

Aragonès will attend the dinner with the king in Mobile and look for a date to see Sánchez

The Government denies that the pardons change the relationship with the central Government and the State institutions at all, but the agenda of the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will be full of meetings with a high symbolic load. This same Sunday the head of the Catalan Executive will attend the dinner that King Felipe VI will preside in Barcelona, ​​on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress, after last week they greeted each other informally at the Cercle d’Economia ceremony. On this occasion, however, the monarch and Aragonès will share a formal event for the first time since his investiture and at a time when the Government has considered “normalized” both the Generalitat’s relations and the presence of the head of State in Catalonia. .

Dinner with Felipe VI will not be the only high-voltage meeting that Aragonès plans to star in his busy summer agenda. The cabinet of the president of the Generalitat works with that of Moncloa to set a date for the meeting of both, considered prior to the restart of the dialogue table. As indicated by the spokesperson for the Government this Tuesday, work is being done so that the meeting takes place “in the next few days or, at most, weeks”, which has underlined that the will, at least on the Catalan side, is that the appointment does not remain for the next political course. This has always been the intention of both executives, who planned to reconvene the dialogue table in the wake of the approval of the pardons and, therefore, towards the second half of July.

Regarding the grace measures, the Catalan Executive remains prudent for the moment. Once they are granted, they plan to hold an appearance led by Aragonès himself and in which all members of the Government will participate to establish a position. For the Generalitat it is important to link the liberation of the independence prisoners with the report of the Council of Europe, approved this Monday, and that for sovereignty has been the factor that has triggered the decision of the Government.

To highlight this, Aragonès has also announced that he has requested an appearance before the Parliament to deal with these two issues: the release of the prisoners, on the one hand, and the request of the Council of Europe on the release, the withdrawal of charges against politicians and suspension of Euro-orders, on the other. This intervention before the Chamber, which still has no date, would in practice mean holding a debate on the issue, in which motions for resolutions could also be debated to establish a unique position from the legislature.

However, Vice President Puigneró advanced this Monday and already marked a position in the name of the Government. The highest institutional position of the Junts demanded the “immediate” release of the prisoners and, also, that they allow the politicians who are outside to return safely, with Carles Puigdemont. “Stop the persecution of political representatives and public servants,” he demanded.

Regarding the departure of the prisoners, the Government has not yet decided what it will do after their release, beyond the formal appearance. Palau sources affirm that they do not rule out holding a reception or formal ceremony, although they are waiting to know how the events will unfold, since the nine prisoners could even leave this Tuesday. Beyond what happens at the official level, both the parties and the entities are designing the next steps to celebrate the exit and publicly mark the next steps.

For its part, the Executive has avoided showing a resounding position on the grace measures this Tuesday, beyond going back to the idea that “they alleviate the pain” of the convicted persons. “This is not the end of anything but the beginning of a new stage of dialogue,” said the spokeswoman, Patricia Plaja. The will of the Government, which links with that of the Government, is to take advantage of the pardons to give a new impetus to the dialogue. But the Catalan Executive also wishes not to go out of his way with pardons and to maintain pressure on the Government to demand solutions for the rest of the defendants and people awaiting trial.