Friday, May 27

Aragonès will not meet Sánchez during his visit to Barcelona: “It’s not about taking the picture”

The president of the Generalitat has demanded the Government of Pedro Sánchez that the CNI declassify the information and demands “to see what the members of the Official Secrets Commission saw yesterday.” And it is that Aragonés has recognized that he has found out from the press that the CNI had spied on him by political decision. “It is extremely serious,” said the president, who has demanded more transparency to be able to exercise his right to defense. “We are spied on as if we were jihadists, although we are only committed to independence,” he declared in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio.

The revelations of the director of the CNI aggravate the crisis of the Government and its partners due to espionage

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Aragonès has criticized the management that Pedro Sánchez’s executive is making of this crisis, which the president has described as “the most serious degradation of relations for a long time.” Given the statements of the Spanish executive, who claims to be unaware of espionage, Aragonès has opined that, if true, he would assume that Spain has an intelligence service that “goes its own way.” For this reason, the ‘president’ has demanded purging of responsibilities, although he has recognized that it is “impossible” that they end up giving resignations.

Asked if he will drop the government of Pedro Sanchez, Aragonès has responded evasively, assuring that “we make political decisions based on political issues and we know that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain will only be resolved with democracy. No one will move us from that negotiation process.” Even so, the ‘president’ has ensured that “what has happened takes away the chances of stability for Pedro Sánchez’s candidacy” and that “confidence is broken”.

Likewise, he has assured that he does not plan to meet with the Spanish president during his visit to Barcelona on the occasion of the Cercle d’Economia conference: “It is not about taking a photo or a fleeting meeting”, but about the “situation is serious enough to have a meeting to give explanations in private, ”says Aragonès, who has acknowledged that he has not spoken to Pedro Sánchez for weeks, despite the fact that he has asked to meet with him.

Even so, Aragonès has assured that “we will never leave the negotiating table. We will not give anyone the satisfaction of leaving the table.” But, he considers that, for the negotiations to bear fruit, it is necessary to restore trust, a task that “does not correspond to the spied on”.

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