Wednesday, January 19

ARBA detected more than $ 20 million of debt among taxpayers with luxury vehicles

“As a result of these operations, we were able to recover at the time $ 1,752,309 of patent debt that corresponded to imported, luxury or high market value cars, and payment commitments were established for more than $ 15.5 million”, he specified.

He remarked that, “although ARBA works to improve collectability in all segments, given that we have scarce resources to inspect, we do so starting with those who have the most, because being inflexible with non-compliance in those segments is a necessary condition to build a society more egalitarian ”.

The actions, which had the support of the Police of the Province, were extended through different fiscal control points that the Collection Agency set up in areas of Tigre, San Isidro, Tandil, Mar del Plata and other towns on the coast. the interior and north of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

Given that ARBA has the power to retain, under certain conditions, trucks or luxury cars that accumulate debt, many of the intimidated taxpayers decided to pay at the time half of what they owed, through electronic means of payment, and they promised to cancel the rest in a period of 10 days.

Girard pointed out that “within the framework of the controls, we found in San Isidro the case of the owner of a Toyota 4×4 who owed around $ 444 thousand of Patent, a debt that he canceled at the time with a debit card in one of the mobile stations ordered by the Agency at the scene of the operation ”.


The ARBA director highlighted the case of a Nordelta neighbor who was notified of more than $ 2 million in auto and property tax debts.

“On the one hand, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited truck, which owed $ 764,383 and a Mercedes Benz GLA 250 4 matic with patent debt for $ 330,229; For the other two cars, he also owed nearly $ 80,000. In addition, he had $ 1,186,000 of debt in the Urban Property Tax. In this case, the taxpayer was notified and summoned to catch up to avoid the initiation of debt claims through the courts ”, he said.

“We have lived through a very deep crisis for six years and there are people who are going through very difficult times. We are recovering, and we want that recovery to reach everyone. To achieve this, the deployment of public policies oriented to this end is essential, which requires the strengthening of State resources. That is why we must be inflexible with those who have the possibility of buying these high-end vehicles, but then speculate and do not pay the patent, “he said.

He analyzed that “they have to comply because the Province makes a great effort to underpin the growth of activity and employment and to transfer income to those who have a bad time, and we all have to put our shoulders. This is not the time for speculation. not even for him who can save himself ”, he remarked.

In vehicle audits, the Collection Agency can make withholdings when Patent debts are equal to 10% or more of the tax valuation, or when their holders register 30% of the unpaid fees. In addition, these vehicles must be included in the list of delinquent motor vehicles that is published in

If the owner chooses not to pay 50% of the due debt, the agency carries out the seizure of the car, preparing a record of procedure and making the notification at the taxpayer’s tax address. In these circumstances, the vehicle is transferred to a warehouse and the pertinent communication is made to the correctional judge on duty.