Wednesday, August 10

ARBA extends moratoriums for taxpayers, SMEs and companies

The extension of the measures, which was published today in the Official Gazette of the district, will allow companies that act as collection agents, regularize debts from withholdings and payments not made, not paid or paid late, in relation to Gross Income. and Stamps, expired as of December 31, 2020, both in judicial and preliminary proceedings.

The possibility of adhering to the tax moratorium that enables families and companies to regularize real estate, automotive and sports boat tax debts due during 2020, which offers deductions of up to 100% in fines and interest, segmented with a progressive nature, depending on the payment capacity of households and companies, with greater benefits and facilities for those who were most affected

Besides of benefit from the removal of part of the debt, they will have the possibility of financing it in up to 24 installments, with a rate ranging from 0% to 2%, depending on the term chosen to adhere to the plan and the situation of each taxpayer.

In parallel, the extension of the deadlines that was published today it will make it possible to regularize debts of Gross Income, Automotive and Basic Real Estate, both in built urban and rural plant, expired in 2021.

In this case, ARBA’s Covid-19 plan provides facilities for businesses, freelancers, SMEs, companies and other taxpayers of Gross Income, who have had a drop in sales or increases of less than 40% in their turnover, can regularize tax debts in up to 18 installments without interest.

When presenting the initiatives, the head of ARBA, Cristian Girard, highlighted that “it is part of the productive recovery program launched by Governor Axel Kicillof to reactivate the economy, generate employment and improve popular incomes.”

The program contemplates, according to the size of the company and the type of debt, the possibility of financing in up to 48 installments (in long terms with the payment of an advance and, in shorter terms, without the need for it).

The collection agents will also be able to regularize debts corresponding to interests, surcharges and fines, as well as those that come from previous regimes that are expired as of December 31, 2020, related to withholdings and unrealized or unpaid payments of Gross Income and Stamps .

To carry out the reception, access the details of the regularization program or request more information, those who are responsible, proxies or proxies of the companies should enter, where they can process the adhesions.

The moratorium designed to accompany three million taxpayers affected by the pandemic, which was in force until December 19, 2021 inclusive, was extended until December 31 of this year.

It includes pre-trial debts due between January and December 2020 and covers Real Estate taxes (in all its plants, in its basic and Complementary component), Motor Vehicles and Sports Boats.

The program provides financing for up to two years and contains discounts of up to 100% in interest. In addition, due to its progressive nature, the benefits will be modified according to the moment in which the plan is accepted and the segment that each taxpayer belongs to.

The Plan for activities affected by the pandemic during 2021, which originally expired on October 31, will run until December 31 and includes taxes due between January 1 and August 31, 2021.

In the case of Real Estate and Automotive, Gross Income taxpayers can cancel those debts corresponding to assets that are associated with their CUIT.

Adherence to the regularization program is made directly from the web, entering, with CUIT and tax identification code (CIT).

The plan includes the possibility of paying in cash or in three and up to 18 monthly installments, without financing interest.