Saturday, November 26

Archived the investigation against Brother Linares in La Salle Montcada for the prescription of crimes

Another investigation for sexual abuse of minors that comes to an end due to the prescription of the crime. Just as the complaint filed by Alejandro Palomas against his abuser, the religious Jesús Linares, was archived at the end of February, on this occasion the Chief Prosecutor of the Sabadell Area has shelved the investigation into the possible crimes committed by this professor and brother at the La Salle de Montcada school – where he worked for 18 years – against several of his students, according to

The priest who raped Palomas continued with the abuse in another school: “He grabbed my breasts hard and I couldn’t react”

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The action of the Prosecutor’s Office, opened from four testimonies of victims provided by this newspaper and El Periódico, concludes that the facts “would constitute four crimes of sexual abuse of minors […] of having been perpetrated under the current regulation.” But since they took place between 1987 and 1996, they have been prescribed.

The sexual abuse perpetrated by Jesús Linares, who is now 91 years old and lives in a La Salle residence in Cambrils, came to light when the writer Alejandro Palomas decided to explain them publicly, whom this priest subjected to repeated abuse and rape during his schooling at the Premià de Mar school of this institution. That happened between 1975 and 1977 and his family denounced him to the management of the time, but this did not even separate the teacher from the young Palomas.

After hearing his testimony, seven other former students of Premià de Mar told about the touching and abuse of this teacher during his two stages at that school, both in the 1970s and more recently, until 2010, when he, now retired, was in charge of nursing. Later, former students of La Salle Montcada added his testimonies during the 1990s, which are the ones that have now been archived. Among them, the voices of four adolescents stand out who, between 1987 and 1996, were subjected to harassment, psychological manipulation and groping by Linares.

One of them even reported him and his father to the management of the time, in 1996. But the center’s response was to change the girl’s class.

After filing the Palomas complaint and now the Montcada investigation, currently only the investigation that concerns the other victims of Premià de Mar remains active, and which is being carried out by the Mataró Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In its file brief, the Prosecutor’s Office summarizes the testimonies of four of those former students and concludes that what they suffered are four crimes of abuse that, with the current law in hand, would carry a sentence of two to six years in prison for Linares, concurring the aggravated subtype of prevalence. But when the abuses were committed, the Penal Code was that of 1973 (or 1996 in the last case). “Consequently, the crimes of sexual abuse would be loosely prescribed,” summarizes the prosecutor.