Monday, May 16

Are Halo Infinite’s sound effects performed by a Pug dog? | Digital Trends Spanish

fans of halo-infinite You must be thinking how many of the sound effects that are heard in the game are made, from the low growls to the gunshots, they are not always made by digitizing everything, but rather part of something more manual like a Pug dog or a lawnmower. grass.

This is how the Insider medium details it, at least, who made a complete video record to see behind the scenes of the main audios of the console title.

“Halo Infinite Lead Sound Designer Kyle Fraser and Senior Sound Designers Robbie Elias and Jomo Kangethe break down techniques used in destinations as far afield as Tasmania, an airport runway, and a heritage of vintage farm machinery. They explain to us the sound effects of the vehicles, weapons and destruction of the game, as well as the detailed environment and ambient sound of the multiplayer maps, ”says the medium about which it will be seen in the audiovisual record.

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