Saturday, February 24

Are OnlyFans-style videos approaching Twitter with Elon Musk? | Digital Trends Spanish

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter continues to generate speculation and press reports regarding new functions that the platform wants to implement, especially in its idea of ​​monetizing the “little bird” social network.

Twitter is exploring the option of allowing users to put video content behind a paywall, according to an internal email from the company. obtained by the Washington Post.

Mockups suggest that users could enable the “Paid Video” feature after adding video content to a tweet, and then choose from preset prices, such as $1, $2, $5, or $10. Other users might indicate that they like or retweet the content regardless of whether they have paid to view it.

This would open the possibility that adult content, such as pornography and nudity, could once again be incorporated into Twitter, emulating accounts by onlyfans style.

The company is one of the few major social networks that allows such pornographic content, and estimates that about 13 percent of the content posted on your network is NSFW. But allowing users to charge for such content opens the door to difficulties with both advertisers and payment providers, the latter of which have historically been fearful when working with porn sites.

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