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Are the best platforms to buy and sell NFT | Digital Trends Spanish

Beyond the fact that they are part of the history of the internet, the first tweet in history, Nyan Cat – the GIF of a cat with toast – and the viral video Charlie bit my finger have another element in common: they have all been finished as token non-expendable (NFT, for its acronym in English). It is about the latest phenomena that have arisen around cryptocurrencies, aimed at those who have a collector’s soul. If you are one of them or you feel that your digital creations deserve recognition, in this guide we will tell you which are the best platforms to buy and sell NFT smoothly.

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The NFTs are like virtual collectible cards. Called token not fungible because they are unique cryptocurrency units that cannot be replicated. As these are unique digital items, they could one day be worth millions of dollars.

The token they are created as unique and exclusive blocks in the chain of the platform chosen by the seller. This string also stores the ownership of the file. Most transactions are made with ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network.

The best platforms to buy and sell NFT


OpenSea, which defines itself as the largest NFT platform, offers a variety of tokens non-expendable, such as artwork, domain names, collectible cards, and more. Digital objects comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards – which guarantee authenticity and exclusivity – in collections such as Axies, ENS domain names (Ethereum Name Service), CryptoKitties, Decentraland, among others. Provides access to a free mining tool to create your own NFTs, without the need to write a single line of code. In addition to auctions, OpenSea allows you to sell items at fixed prices. You will need an ether wallet.




Unlike other NFT buying and selling sites, Valuables only allows you to trade tweets “autographed” by their authors. In fact, it was the platform chosen by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to auction off the first tweet in history for $ 2.9 million. You can review the auctions in progress or enter the link of any message and decide if you want to sell or buy it. All transactions are done through the MetaMask wallet, which is powered by ethereum.



Zora, a portal to finish off NFT

Released in February 2021, the Foundation brings together creators and collectors, with a focus on digital art. In its early days, it launched a call for creators to experiment with cryptocurrencies, although it took a short time to establish itself as one of the main sites to market NFT. The creators – who can only make auctions and not direct sales – receive 85 percent of the final value. But if the piece was minted at Foundation every time it is resold on an Ethereum-based platform, you will get 10 percent of the transaction. According to figures from the platform, since its launch the creators have earned more than $ 40 million dollars and more than 425 artists have earned more than $ 12,000 dollars. Among its main sales are the viral meme Nyan Cat or the discography of Pak’s Finite.




KnownOrigin is a marketplace where you can find and collect exclusive and one-of-a-kind digital artwork. Creators can use the platform to display and sell their work to collectors who care about authenticity and originality. The platform is concerned with choosing the creators, who must send their illustrations with the files in the IPFS protocol, which allows their versions to be tracked over time. Works with ethereum.



SuperRare defines itself as a mix between Christie’s and Instagram, as it seeks to facilitate the collection of digital art and for users to show it off on social media with a personal gallery. It is a site aimed at those who seek to buy and sell exclusive digital works: they identify with a token Unique, protected and traceable on the blockchain with the ERC-721 standard.

Like Foundation, creators receive 85 percent of the first sale and earn a 10 percent royalty for each subsequent transaction. At the moment, it is restricted to a small number of artists, who must apply. All transactions are made with ether.


Nifty Gateway

Founded in 2018 by brothers Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster, Nifty Gateway also follows the centralized model for buying and selling digital assets. Their strategy is to partner with artists and brands to create exclusive and limited-edition collections. Charges a commission of 5 percent of the sale price, plus 30 cents to cover transaction costs. For each secondary sale, the artist receives 10 percent. Although it is the chosen setting for the digital artist Beeple, the platform has received some criticism from creators, who accuse few transparent charges and arbitrary suspensions of auctions.

Nifty Gateway


Zora, a platform to sell NFT

Zora also makes the original copy available to everyone and allows consumers to sell the token as many times as they want. Every time a work is resold, the creator gets a share of the transaction. This way, the more popular a digital piece is, the more people will want to own it. Zora seeks to make it easier for creators to publish their products and earn money from their work. Musician Mike Shinoda, from the American band Linkin Park, decided to sell music clips through this platform.


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