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Are there Latino characters in The Simpsons? | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the fact that recent seasons have failed to convince the most fans, The Simpsons is still one of the most popular television shows in the world.

Part of its success goes through the originality of its scripts and the development of some of its most important characters.

In more than thirty years, the animated production created by Matt Groening has incorporated a large number of fictional characters into the story, trying to be inclusive and allow many different groups of people to also feel represented by the yellow family more popular of the United States.

Thus, in the seasons that give life to The Simpson It is possible to see different sexual, religious, national, ethnic and cultural minorities, among others.

Latinos Wanted

Of course, it is very common for Latin American fans to wonder if they are also represented in the series, and it is a question that is pertinent when we consider the number of characters that we have seen in the production.

For years, it seemed an easy question to answer, since we Latinos believed that we had our best representative in Bumblebee Man.

In fact, there was the idea that the writers of The Simpson They had been inspired by the Chapulín Colorado to develop it. However, in 2020, this idea was disproved.

Someone who was reviewing the cartoon of The Simpson (yes, there is), found in the number 95 of the comic an unexpected revelation. In that edition, Bumblebee Man said that he was a native of Belgium, therefore, his roots were Belgian and not Latin.

“This is a funny story. The funny thing is that before landing a role on Mexican television, I did not know a word in Spanish. I really am Belgian, “the cartoon character.

After this revelation, the initial question becomes more necessary: ​​are there Latino characters in The Simpson? For this, we would first have to review the long list of names that were once part of the series, but to this we must add another inconvenience.

Of many of the characters that appear in the animation we do not know their origin, it is undetermined. An example of this can be Dr. Nick Riviera, since many times it is speculated about his true nationality, which has not been manifested in the series.

For the same reason, we can say that yes, it is possible that Latino characters appear in The Simpson; the problem is that if so, so far none of them have been clearly presented as Latino.

Perhaps the intention of the creators is to deliver an unclear idea regarding the origin of the characters, and this is manifested with the Bumblebee Man, whom many of us believed as the most important representative of Latin America in The Simpson.

Remember that you can watch all episodes of The Simpson on the Star Plus platform.

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