Friday, January 28

Are we already living in a dystopian reality?

No, we still do not live in a dystopian reality, that society – fictional – undesirable in itself as it is defined. The opposite of utopia, the ideal proposed by Tomas Moro in 16th century England and whom, by the way, Henry VIII ordered to be beheaded in that practice he was so fond of as king. We are not far, however. The signs of dysfunction are alarming and are increasing daily. The trigger could have been the coronavirus pandemic that fell on a population that has allowed itself to be infantilized to levels that reduce the ability to rationally respond to problems. And, as always, the undesirable use made of that weakness.

This Thursday night, the presentation of a book in the center of Madrid forced me to cross its posh streets, which conveyed a feeling of complete unreality. Sidewalks invaded with terraces ayusistas like the spread of a plague, and full of lights almeidas, excessive in several areas. In a move between hard traffic jams and loss of nerves. It is the extreme image that enters through the senses, distorting the real. The real thing begins to be amazing.

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading through Spain -as well as other countries- at high speed. We are already at maximum risk of contagion, with more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Y Madrid is the epicenter again, with a greater and disproportionate impact on the rest of the communities. But everything is apparently obscured by the lights, the terraces and the propaganda.

Often times, someone shows the effects of such misinformation promotion. The data have been known for several months and are similar in other sources, the INE included, although they slip to those convinced otherwise.

As the coronavirus worsens, the fear of immature society grows, unable to understand that there are no immediate and total solutions to problems like this. Or others. When the security measures against contagions are relaxed, more due to the depletion of the population and to maintain “the economy” than based on reasons. It is understandable, we have been like this for too long, but the dangers do not disappear because we get tired of them. The anti-vaccines, with more fear of prevention than of the virus that has sickened millions of people, are on the warpath. Irrationality can reach up to education counselor! of the government of Murcia that “without being in Atapuerca,” he says, he is not going to be vaccinated, setting an example for his voters.

And not even in this context are logical measures arbitrated. In addition to avoiding infections, provide more means to public health. On the contrary, they have continued to reduce it. The saturation of Primary Care threatens to leave cases of the sixth wave uncontrolled, say professionals. The diagnosis is being entrusted to home or private tests but without follow-up and without appearing in the statistics. The neoliberal policies of greed have already been very expensive for us and the victims seem to accept it as inevitable. The toilets come out to protest and manipulate them. Perhaps, as many of them ask, something as serious as the care of our well-being and our lives should be re-centralized. They will not consent to it, some businesses would suffer.

When neither one’s own health nor that of loved ones matter, let alone that of the rest of humanity, this society has very serious problems. She attends undaunted to learn that thousands of elderly people were allowed to die without medical care for prioritizing other expenses. They died from “undesirable circumstances” that justice that we suffer in Spain has been saying. How to dedicate millions of euros to the construction of some useless hospital as such? How to have cut one of the most efficient public health services in the world until it is exhausted?

There are breeding grounds where great evils are cooked. We have learned that a 14-year-old girl was brutally beaten, in Toledo, by seven beasts her age, for a petty dispute on WhatsApp. And the they recorded and broadcast. In the Congress of Deputies itself, they are taught to hate, lie and cheat without the slightest scruples. A Pablo Casado, desperately fleeing forward because Ayuso steps on his feet to win the presidency of the PP.SA, is giving some impressive recitals of ignominy. The worst is to use the ill-will of some “alleged mistreatment”, alleged, of a child to attack the Government. Or ensure that he did not warn of the pandemic when that management has been praised internationally and they themselves (and their media and judicial tentacles) tripped him from the first moment. And directing Communities like Madrid that made such use of health management that is their responsibility. In rigor and honor to the truth.

The level of virulence and falsehood reached by this right attacks the very coexistence of the entire country. Their fictitious protests, their defense of the one Spain, minimal and tied as they amplify their means. ABC did not miss a detail of this misery, even from the fear of vaccines.

And what information is this that calls “prophecy “to a statement by a German virologist?

The media. El Periódico de España, directed by the journalist Fernando Garea, publishes a spooky report on Masterchef. We know that all reality shows are scripted in detail, from the first, but that the level it describes has reached state public television, TVE, is nonsense even if only in the testimonies that are provided. If the program with the highest audience of TVE is Masterchef, and its newscasts suffer from a marked bias in favor of the right in political information, is it not clamorous that something is wrong?

The RTVE Board raised numerous doubts in its process and election and its results are not exactly brilliant, but it does not seem that anyone is going to make the slightest change. And less seen what happened with the unpresentable Constitutional Court that is now entrenched and refuses to accept the challenge of judges Arnaldo and Espejel, presented by the PP, despite their opinions, in writing, against what they have to decide.

And what about the Supreme Court? Final sentence to criticize the Government – Pedro Sánchez- for making “finger appointments“. The Supreme Court of Spanish justice.

Television. Other channels. This Friday the top of the Trending Topic was about another reality from a private network whose reading showed a terrifying underworld. Based on bullying and insult. With the same brutal virulence in the comments as on the sets. If a few million beings have fun that way, it explains a lot about what happens to us. With a smaller audience than other similar products, it was nevertheless swallowed by 1,631,000 viewers.

It already seems like a dystopia, yes. In the Madrid City Council, the councilor of the far-right party tells the mayor, spokesman for the entire PP that “will not support budgets “on their knees to communists“And the fact is that the councilors split from the More Madrid split are willing to support the PP to prevent the extreme right from doing so. We were stunned.

And there you have Ayuso, who pretends not to fear omicron while he warns about the imaginary “great blackout”, as Íñigo Sáenz de Ugarte told here. That was until yesterday morning, but in the middle of the afternoon he said that yes, hard weeks were coming and that he was very careful with the meetings at home, that “the ally now are the hotel and catering establishments,” he insisted. Really.

They have already come to power. It is obvious. On one side they take hold of the closet fund with ETA and their hatred and envy of Catalonia, and on the other they spread the audacity of their folly. A flow without a tap or gates. And the immense rows of terraces, the light bulbs, the reality shows, the news, those who watch, those who tweet, the hospitals, the courts, the press covers, the Congress …

Why is it that who can at least stop the spotlight doesn’t? Meanwhile there are beaten girls, vituperated boys, voluntarily ignored realities, a society doomed to the undesirable. Because the utopia of Tomas Moro, minimal levels of crime, violence and poverty, is unthinkable in practice but the threats of dystopia seem ever closer.