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Are we witnessing the death of Twitter? | Digital Trends Spanish

This Thursday, November 17 at night, the social network Twitter began to inflame with hashtags related to the closure of the platform and the end and closure of the “little blue bird”, all this triggered by the ultimatum that Elon Musk He gave all his workers the opportunity to decide if they were willing to continue under harder working conditions.

The response was the massive departure of system engineers and key people in the maintenance of the platform. The specialized site The Verge revealed how several employees got fired over Slack and tweets.

“I’m not pushing the button,” an outgoing employee posted on Slack. “My watch ends with Twitter 1.0. I don’t want to be part of Twitter 2.0.”

“Looks like all the people who made this place amazing are leaving,” the Twitter employee said. “It will be extremely difficult for Twitter to recover from here, no matter how tough the people who stay behind try to be.”

Ain’t all bad #hardcore 🤘

— AODHAN FLYNN (@aodhan) November 17, 2022

And just like that, after 12 years, I have left Twitter. I have nothing but love for all my fellow tweeps, past and present. A thousand faces and a thousand scenes are flashing through my mind right now – I love you Twitter and I’ll forever bleed blue 🫡💙

— Satanjeev Banerjee (@satanjeev) November 17, 2022

It’s been a ride

— Matt Miller (@brainiaq2000) November 17, 2022

This made the mastodon social network received more than 6 million new login requests yesterday alone, generating a massive user drain.

Twitter closes offices as “work commitment” deadline passes

In a surprise move on Thursday, Twitter closed its offices, telling staff not to return until Monday, November 21. To ensure that no one tries to enter any of your sites, access to the credential has also been suspended.

It’s unclear why Twitter has decided to temporarily close its offices, but it comes during a chaotic time for the social media platform following its $44 billion acquisition by billionaire businessman Elon Musk in late October.

“Effective immediately, we are temporarily closing our office buildings and all credentialed access will be suspended,” the message said. widely spread Twitter staff. «The offices will reopen on Monday, November 21. Thanks for your flexibility. Please continue to comply with company policy by refraining from discussing confidential company information on social media, with the press or anywhere else.”

He added: “We look forward to working with you on the exciting future of Twitter.”

The move to close offices may be related to recent reports that Musk had told remaining Twitter employees that they must sign a commitment to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave the company, according to a report from the company. Washington Post.

Anyone who refused to sign the pledge by today, Thursday, would be told to leave and given three months’ severance pay, according to the report. Twitter’s management may have concluded that closing offices now and suspending access to credentials will give it time to sort out the pledges and reshuffle its workforce by Monday. However, some reports have suggested that hundreds of workers have refused to sign the pledge, effectively quitting their jobs.

If Twitter is undergoing a round of mass resignations, the loss of so many staff could jeopardize the functionality of the platform for its roughly 230 million users around the world.

Shortly after Musk acquired the company just over three weeks ago, the CEO, CFO and the entire board of directors received their marching orders. Days later, 3,700 employees, equivalent to nearly half the workforce, were laid off in a bid to save money, and reports this week suggested Twitter has also laid off about 5,000 contract employees.

Looking at the current situation, it seems that the next few days could be crucial for the survival of Twitter.

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