Wednesday, August 17

Are you good at poker? Earn tokens in the metaverse with this game

Decentral Games announced a new possibility for its users to make money in the digital world. Now, they will be able to join poker games thanks to a new game that is already available in beta.

The game will have the Play-to-Earn mode (play to win) and will allow participants to earn rewards in $ ICE tokens. To be part of the daily distribution of tokens to play, each user must have at least one governance token of the platform, the $ DG, in staking. If they already have it or purchase it, the player can buy a wearable NFT that will distinguish them as a poker player and give them access to chip deals.

One of the outstanding features of the game is that it allows you to delegate the wearable so that it is someone else who uses it to play. In that case, they reported from the company to this medium, 70% of the profits go to those who play and the other 30% remains for the owner of the NFT.

This money can also be used in the real world. To do this, the $ ICE token can be sold on a decentralized exchange; according to CoinMarketCap, QuickSwap is the only one offering such an opportunity so far.

As detailed in the official announcement from Decentral Games, a company that develops entertainment offerings for the metaverse, ICE Poker will have challenges that will be renewed every day and will award prizes based on their difficulty. These include from viewing the flop (the three cards that are played at the beginning of each hand) 15 times or get two straight. The rewards are distributed in $ ICE tokens and XP (experience) points.

Based on the performance of each player in their games, a leaderboard is drawn up which, in turn, allows multiplying the winnings obtained in a range of 0.5 to 1.5. In other words, your skills in the game can make you an increasingly wealthy inhabitant of the metaverse.

ICE Poker will add value to Decentral Games

Due to the set of transactions that this new game will trigger in the metaverse, the company claims its addition will add value to the DAO treasury (decentralized autonomous organization). At first, this will be done through the ether (ETH) obtained from the sale of the NFT necessary to get $ ICE tokens each day.

On the other hand, Decentral Games details that 4.9% of all secondary sales of ICE Wearables in Open Sea (in $ WETH) and 2.5% of all secondary sales of ICE Wearables in the Decentraland market (in $ MANA) will go to the DAO Treasury.

Finally, participation in ICE Poker also demands the burning of this token, the use of XP points and the expenditure of $ DG to activate wearables (0.5 DG) and to level them up (0.1 ETH). All of these operations will contribute to further movement in the metaverse economy.

Nightlife grows in Decentraland

While the games are not directly related, it could be said that joining a poker table with other players is one more alternative in the growing nightlife that Decentraland offers.

As CriptoNoticias reported a year ago, casino nights in this digital world had a very good reception from users. Although these spaces already included poker games and other card games, this new Play-to-Earn is much more developed and will bring new possibilities to all fans of this parallel universe.